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256MB CompactFlash I Camera Memory Cards

The memory cards in your camera allow you to save and store photos and videos taken so that they can be transferred or printed on your computer. When selecting a memory card, there are different features and styles to choose from. Here are some questions that may come up in the selection process.

How do you select a Compact Flash memory card?

Consider the following factors when choosing a memory card:

  • Storage capacity: This will affect the amount of photos that can be saved before you need to transfer them off of the camera. Storage capacity will be listed as MB for megabyte or GB for gigabyte.
  • Brand: You can select from various branded memory cards along with several unbranded and generic options.
  • Amount: Some memory cards will be available in bundles of multiple cards. This will allow you to insert another card into the camera when the capacity is reached.
  • Format: Compact flash is available in type I and II.
What is a memory card?

A memory card is a small device that is used to store electronic data. When used in a camera, this data will be either photos or video. These cards use flash memory, and this allows data to be written and rewritten multiple times. The card can be removed from the camera to be attached to a computer or printer to download and print photos.

What is the difference between Type I and Type II?

Type II cards will be slightly thicker than the type I varieties. Cameras that can use Type II cards can also use Type I, but the reverse is not compatible. Type II cards are 5mm thick while Type I is 3.3mm thick.

What types of speed ratings are available on Compact Flash?

The speed ratings on the memory card will determine how fast the camera can save and transfer photos. Speed ratings on CF cards will be written in CD-ROM speeds as opposed to MB/second on SD cards. Speed ratings will range from 133x, 300x, and up to 600x speeds. Some CF cards can also be labeled as Ultra Direct Memory Access. Cameras that are compatible with UDMA from 2006 onward will generally be compatible with this type that use a faster read and write speed.

How many photos can a 256MB CF card store?

The amount of photos that can be stored by the camera will be determined by the format of the photos. For non-SLR types, the format used will be either JPEG or RAW. JPEG compresses the image so that more photos can be stored. The megapixels will also be a factor with high megapixel images taking up more space.

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