1908 no motto 20 gold

Everything You Should Know Before You Buy 1908 Saint Gaudens Gold Coins

Whether you are a serious collector or a beginning enthusiast, you are probably hoping to find unique coins at affordable prices. If you are in the market for a 1908 $20 gold coin with no motto, you will be happy to know that eBayโ€™s user-friendly website has a large selection of reasonably priced coins.

What should you look for to find the right coins?

The 1908 $20 gold coin with no motto is a valuable, collectible coin. Buying the right coin, however, requires careful attention to aspects of the coin that are responsible for generating the majority of its value.

Learning about important aspects of the coin you want to buy is a good way to ensure that your purchase meets your quality expectations. Condition may be the most important determinant of a coinโ€™s value but should be considered along with mint volume, mint location, and year of circulation.

The grade that is assigned to a coin does not always reflect its value. A collector might sometimes prefer to acquire a rare coin that is in circulated condition rather than opt for an uncirculated coin that has a high rating but very little value. The following list provides an overview of factors that you should consider before you make your purchase.

  • Coin condition: The condition of a coin is determined by the degree of wear it demonstrates. Uncirculated coins that are in perfect condition receive a grade of MS70. The most common grades for circulated coins are MS65 and MS66, which includes coins that are of above-average quality.
  • Mint volume: The number of coins minted is a factor that determines value. Low mint volumes make a coin rare and add value for collectors and dealers.
  • Mint year: Some coins have numismatic value only for some mint years.
  • Mint location: A coinโ€™s value is sometimes related to the originating mint. Most present-day coins are printed in Denver, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. Other mints, such as West Point and New York, generally produce commemorative coins and special issues that are not intended for circulation.
How do the various Saint Gaudens coins differ?

Coins must meet high quality standards and be in above-average condition to receive a grade of MS65 or MS66. As you have probably already guessed, a coin that is as old and pristine as the 1908 $20 gold coin with no motto in MS65 condition will be harder to find than a new coin or a preowned older coin that is in fair condition.

eBay has 1908 $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins with no motto rated as MS66 PCGS Rough Rider coins and a selection of 1908 $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins designated MS65 NGC for sale. The PCGS and NGC are professional coin-grading services. Coins that have these designations have been authenticated, and their grades are guaranteed by the certifying authority.

Is it possible to purchase coins as a set?

You can buy a set of uncirculated coins that were produced by a mint in a specific year. Also known as mint sets, proof sets are intended for collectors and are typically not circulated.