19 pin socapex

Use a Socapex Cable With Your Stage Lighting and Dimmer Pack

Whether it's a play, musical performance, or a speaking engagement, stage lighting plays an imperative part in the production. Without the proper equipment and wire connections, lights can dim, flicker, or not go on at all. In the end, it all starts with the cable, and that's why eBay has numerous styles of Socapex 19-pinout cables to choose from.

How does the cable help with stage lighting?

The grounded pin connector (GPC) is used for conducting power from a dimmer pack to stage lights that are programmed with that capability. The 19-pin Socapex connector has become an industry standard across the globe since the company began in 1961. The cables are not only for stage lighting but also used in film and television studios.

How do you hook up multiple fixtures to one cable?

The cable has a number of blank ends that allow you to hook up different connectors for various lighting elements. You have the option of purchasing cables with the blank ends or ones with breakout or break-in connectors already installed. Regardless of the cable type, the 19-pin male hookup is the default standard. It fits in dimmer packs made by Amphenol and comparable models with similar connector types.

What is the difference between breakout and break-in?

The breakouts and break-ins are two commonly confused terms. While they may sound the same, they are actually quite different.

  • Breakouts: Breakouts connect the lighting fixtures to the cable. They consist of female adapters called tails that are used in a variety of fixtures with male pin inputs.
  • Break-in cables: Break-in cables feature mail tails that plug into female ports for dimmer backs without Socapex outputs.

With either breakout or break-in, the other end of the cable is the standard male, 19-pin connector that cannot be removed. Overall, this makes the cable a versatile tool in any time of lighting environment.

What protections do the Socapex cables come with?

Socapex pinout cables adhere to two regulation directives, REACH and RoHS, to ensure the user's safety as well protect the environment. REACH is the Restriction, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals program while RoHS is Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances directive. To comply with RoHS, Socapex ensures that toxic elements like lead, mercury, and cadmium are less than .01% of the cable's entire weight. Furthermore, the cable is designed with built-in grounding. Thus, the risk of shorts or electrocution are greatly reduced.

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