185 CFM Air Compressors

Everything You Need to Know When Buying a 185 CFM Air Compressor

If you use air tools on your construction site, then you are going to need the support of an adequate 185 CFM air compressor. A towable air compressor allows air tools to perform in any setting from rural areas to fairgrounds. Read on to find out everything you need to know during the buying process when looking for a used 185 CFM air compressor for sale on eBay.

Ensure the air compressor has been tested and fully inspected

If you have a new construction company, then it may not be in the budget to buy a new towable air compressor. A new 185 CFM air compressor can cost anywhere from $19,000 to over $50,000. Construction foremen often choose a less-expensive used air compressor when on a budget. If you are going to consider used air compressors for sale listings, then you want to make sure the machine has been tested and fully inspected.

When looking at a used air compressor for sale, you should buy from sellers who sell quality and inspected equipment. It also helps if the seller can provide documentation about any previous work conditions, model year, and hours. If the seller cannot provide this information, then he or she should allow you to inspect and test the equipment, if possible. This allows you to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Different types of air compressors

A towable air compressor has become a staple on many job sites. It provides compressed air wherever you may need it. However, air compressors are available in three basic types:

  • Reciprocating: A reciprocating air compressor works by providing increased air pressure while limiting the volume of air. It has an output range from 1 to 15 hp. This tool also is available in two-stage and single-stage levels.
  • Rotary screw: A rotary screw has basic operations and is easy to maintain. It has an output range from 7.5 to over 100 hp. This tool can provide continuous duty and cooling in the interior of the compressor.
  • Centrifugal: The centrifugal compressors are ideal for working in demanding conditions. It is most effective when running at full capacity. This tool must be used in an environment with an output range that starts at 100 hp.
How much power do you need?

When looking at new or used compressors for sale, you must consider power. Air compressor manufacturers made the product with the goal of producing more with less. For example, some air compressor models can deliver high levels of output on less fuel. It is done by lowering the operating temperatures. However, the more power you need means the more you should expect to pay.