14k Gold Rope Chains

Your 14K Gold Rope Chain Guide

A 14K gold rope chain adds elegance to any outfit. Wear them to any casual or formal event and dare to experiment, using them as your next go-to fashion piece. You can choose from a wide selection of new and vintage gold rope chains on eBay.

Why choose the 14K gold weight?

A gold weight of 14K provides durability and shine; 14K gold chains usually last for many years and have enough value to make them collectible heirloom jewelry. They are, however, also light enough for everyday use.

What are some gold chain fashion recommendations?

This is a versatile piece of jewelry for both men and women. However, you may need some ideas on how to wear them. Keep these fashion tips in mind when selecting a 14K gold rope chain on eBay:

  • With an evening gown: If the dress you are showing reveals a little skin below your neck, you may have enough space for wearing a gold rope chain with a pendant. A thin necklace usually is recommended depending on the simplicity of the gown design.
  • With a tuxedo: It may depend on the formality of your event, but if you're allowed to show a little neck instead of wearing a tie, you might be able to add a touch of braided gold and leave one button open.
  • For a business outfit: The right 14K gold chain can help you make an impression when in an important client meeting or executive conference. This metal often works well with neutral business-suit colors, including light or dark brown, navy, and black.
  • With a shirt and jeans: Whether you wear a blouse and jeans or a dress shirt with dress pants, the details of a braided chain can add a bit of flair to any ensemble.
Some pointers for choosing a 14K chain

The thicker chains can make the details of the chain artwork more noticeable than when you're wearing a necklace with finer links. However, keep in mind how long you'll be wearing it. If you intend to use your gold chain to accent a work suit, you may prefer the lightweight ones without a pendant. For a performance onstage, you may opt for a thicker pendant necklace for some extra bling in the spotlight.

What lengths of 14K gold rope chains are available?

You can find inexpensive 14K gold rope chains that come in 10- to 24-inch lengths. You have plenty of options when choosing ones that will be visible depending on the type of shirt you wear. You also have many choices in lengths for mixing and matching, making it easy to come up with a unique look for any occasion. See the manufacturer site for details.