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Percussion Instruments

The Beat of the Band

Drummers may often perform at the back of the stage behind the spotlight, but they’re the backbone of the music and the anchor of the band. On eBay, you can find all possible drums, parts and accessories, from sticks to cymbals and more, ensuring you have exactly what you need to keep the rhythm going strong.

Get All Your Gear in One Place

For beginners, we recommend a five-piece drum set including all the gear you need to get right to rocking. Try Yamaha drums, Pearl drums and Ludwig drums to get off to a strong start. Tama and Sonor are also top-notch brands you can trust.

All About the Bass

If you’re a seasoned beat keeper, maybe you just need to replace some bits and pieces. Searching for a new bass drum, perhaps? We have everything from kick drums to small marching band bass drums for you to choose from.

Drums to En-Snare You

Snare drums are drums that produce a staccato sound, and are used in many genres of music. Some acoustic and stripped-down bands use only a snare drum, proving that this instrument can stand on its own. eBay has plenty of snares—from wooden to chrome—to help you find the perfect tone for your sound.

A Drum Tom for Every Tone

Drum toms add so much more to the percussion experience and come in several types you can utilize all at once, like the hi tom, mid tom and low, or floor, tom. Toms are snare-free, cylindrical and produce a tenor tone. Every model you need is available on eBay.

Crash into Our Cymbal Collection

You’re going to need cymbals—what’s a good drum solo without them? Here, you’ll find all you need, from crash cymbals to hi-hats to ride cymbals, and all the great names, including Zildjian. And, of course, you can buy cymbals in a wide variety of sets, as well as individually.

Melodic Percussion

Percussion isn’t just about drums! You can keep the beat with everything from a xylophone and tambourines to a set of bongos and marimbas, whether new or used, and you’ll even find plenty of vintage (pre-1980) percussion instruments on eBay to fit your every need.

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