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The Art of Capturing Light Recordings

The art and science of photography have evolved exponentially since the first photographic image was captured in 1822. But as a practitioner of the art, you know that lighting still remains the most crucial element. What may look like a simple, well-illuminated scene may require lots of special equipment, as well as significant time and expertise to set up. Whether you’re an amateur enthusiast or professional, still image photographer or videographer, eBay has all your studio and stage lighting equipment needs covered, from photo backdrops to photography props.

Photography Equipment for Studio and Stage

We make it easy to find the stage and photography studio equipment you need. Browse by brand names like Godox and Hasselblad, or narrow down your search by pricing, delivery options, or by new, used and refurbished items. Studio and stage props are also readily found by shopping portrait themes like wedding, or by types such as baby costumes. Buy backdrops or other photography backgrounds to create the perfect scene. You can save yourself endless hours of online research with eBay’s extensive collection of studio and stage photography equipment and shopper-friendly comparison format, or even sell studio equipment to get some cash for something new.

Cast the Best Light on Your Work

Shop the photography lighting equipment for casting your subject in the best light with eBay’s selection of monolight flash lighting, softbox lights and studio strobes from brands like Elinchrom and Godox, or find the studio lighting kit that offers the exact feature components you want.

Of course, we also carry all the attendant studio lighting equipment you might need, such as light stands, as well as countless analog and digital light meters and photography lighting kits from the brands you trust, including Minolta and Sekonic.

Buy Studio Equipment Like Light Reflectors and Diffusers

The way light bounces off your subject is key to a professional-grade photo. If you’re looking to capture enticing product images, you’ll want to explore our selection of photo shooting tables, light boxes and tents.

We also carry studio light diffusers, reflectors and umbrellas by brands like Westcott. If it’s photography backdrops you’re searching for, we have an immense collection that includes paper, vinyl, muslin fabric and green screen backgrounds from Savage.

Lights, Camera… Action!

Looking for video and audio equipment? We also carry energy-efficient LED lighting units and speaker stands, as well as video filming, editing and production equipment. As with our selection of photography tools of the trade, you have countless choices in the way of backdrop materials and stands, tripods, and virtually everything else to do with capturing and recording light images. Happy shooting!