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What does it mean for a smartphone to be "certified refurbished"?

Sometimes brand new phones and other electronics are damaged during the shipping process or have small manufacturing defects right out of the box, in which case they are returned to the manufacturer, spruced up, and sent back out for sale at a reduced price. When smartphones or other gadgets are certified refurbished, it means they have been repaired and restored to like-new condition and are certified by the original manufacturer. Buying certified refurbished is a great way to save money on tech that looks and performs like new.

What are some essential accessories for the iPhone?

A sturdy case and screen protector are some of the most important accessories for the iPhone or any other delicate smartphone. People who like to exercise rely on armband phone holders or wireless Bluetooth headphones during athletic activities. Wireless Bluetooth speakers are also a great way to fill a room with music stored on an iPhone or to amplify the sound of a movie.

How does the Microsoft Surface compare to a Windows laptop?

The Microsoft Surface is capable of performing virtually any task that you can complete on a full-size clamshell-style laptop, the only difference being that the Surface is much slimmer and lighter. With accessories such as a Type Cover keyboard, wireless mouse, and Ethernet adapter, the Surface tablet connects to any network and performs as well as any basic laptop, running the same suite of Microsoft productivity software. Meanwhile, its touchscreen and optional stylus expand the convenience and creative possibilities beyond that of most laptops.