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What is the difference between point-and-shoot, bridge, and DSLR cameras?

Although technology has bestowed professional-level features on many beginner-level photo cameras, the difference between the three main types of digital cameras comes down to user control. It is easy to take basic photos with a compact point-and-shoot camera, but there is limited ability to manipulate the frame, focus, and photographic effects. As the most basic model, a compact point-and-shoot usually includes multiple scene modes and picture effects that are easy to program with a dial or touchscreen. It also uses a fixed lens with zooming capabilities. A bridge camera offers many of the same features, but it is larger and resembles a DSLR. Bridge cameras also allow users to play with certain photographic aspects, such as aperture. DSLR cameras, on the other hand, require users to swap lenses according to need, using experience and aesthetic to determine which exposure they want. DSLR users must also program certain settings, such as aperture, and may need to employ an external flash. Although many DSLRs feature conveniences such as auto modes and autofocus, their purpose is to provide photographers with total control over their photographs, which is why professionals prefer them.

What are some useful digital camera accessories?

Anyone who owns a DSLR camera needs at least one good all-purpose lens with zooming capabilities. Ideally, owning several lenses for different types of photos, such as a wide-angle and telephoto lenses, is the best way to get the most out of a DSLR camera. All photographers should invest in basic protective and convenience equipment, such as a carry bag, strap, and tripod. Extra batteries, mobile chargers, and memory cards all come in handy. Advanced photographers may want to consider location-specific camera accessories, such as a waterproof case, external flash, reflectors, lens hoods, and lens filters.