Why You Should Be Collecting Disney Black Diamond VHS's

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Disney Black Diamond VHS Video's were Disney's first attempt to sell directly to the home market, and the Disney Company did a great job in the production of the tapes.  I read a lot of post on the Internet that say collecting VHS Tapes is a waste of time and the tapes are basically worthless but a lot of serious Disney Collectors myself included do not buy into that way of thinking when it comes to Disney’s Black Diamond Tapes.  In every Era people want to collect their youth and what youth did not grow up watching these tapes in the Mid 80's to Mid 90's.  Here in the United States, I would say that very few kids did not grow up with these tapes.  As these kids get older and get good jobs making serious money the process begins.  They start looking for things from their childhood to collect.  They fine that special item .  Then they pay the price to get it for thier collection.  This process happens in every Era.  My Era was the Late 60's and early 70's and my memories are of Red Line Hot Wheels Die Cast Cars.  Try buying one of these in like new condition today and you can lay down some serious money.  I am sure many girls from this Era collect Barbies and pay good money to get them.  With Black Diamond Videos, you get both Male and Female Collectors making the market for these little Gems even larger.

To say that these Tapes are worthless would be like saying a first edition of a Classic Book is now worthless because of new Printing Techniques, Audio Books or, Kendall.  Even though you can get what many people think is a superior product people still pay more for the First Edition.  You will always have those who think new and improved is better but these know-it-alls are not the Collectors who will always want to collect and pay for the original.

Black Diamond Tapes are easy to identify by the Black Diamond found on the Spine of the case with the Walt Disney's Signature located inside the Diamond.  With a little hard work you can find tapes in good to mint condition.  While all of the tapes are getting hard to find in any condition the tapes are considered to be RARE in better conditions.  Because most tapes were opened and viewed till they simply wore out.  The cases also present a condition problem because of the plastic molding used to produce the cases.  The cases had a hallow space in between the plastic layers which wold crush are bend upon being dropped or having heavy pressure applied to it.  The cushioning supplied by this hallow space would help protect the tape but could make the case look beat up.  How many kids do you know that take great care of thier stuff to prevent damage.  I would say very few would have taken great care of thier movies.  So the vast majority of the Black Diamond Tapes and Cases were damaged or just simply wore out.  Plus the fact that in the early 80's not every household had a VCR to play these tapes so far fewer of these early editions were produced..  All of this adds up to many of these tapes are now hard to find in any condition and RARE in in better conditions!

The cases of these little Gems are wonderful pieces of art in themselves not to mention the great Animated Classic Disney Movie that came inside the clamshell.  The artwork featured on the cases is far superior to later VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray releases, making these great display pieces in any Disney Collection.  But once you do open the case you get a Classic Disney Movie that before these tapes came along, You would have to wait years between chances to view these Cartoon's as we knew them then not Animated Films as they are called today.  The Disney Company would release their movies to Theaters on a schedule of usually every seven years, much like the way they will retire a DVD today.  This way they do not saturate the market and can catch the next generation of kids with each  new release.

How old are the kids who grew up in the mid 80' and Early 90's?  Do you think they are getting to the age where they have good jobs with good pay?  I think so. I also think that there is a potential Gold Mine awaiting the Collector smart enough to grab these little treasures known as Disney Black Diamond VHS's.  It is still possible to put together a nice set of these tapes in very good to mint condition.  So if you are in this age group are you would like to get ahead of the game go ahead and get these Gems while they are still available at today’s low prices.  Remember people will pay to collect their past! 

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