Why Own A Boat? 10 Reasons - Maybe You Should!

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Why Own A Boat? 10 Reasons - Maybe You Should!
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Why own a Boat?

10 Reasons - Maybe You Should!

If you are already a boater you know, but some of your friends may wonder why you are a boater. All boaters, whether power or sail boaters, have some things in common and that is why whenever they meet, they have so much to talk about. Boaters are one of the nicest groups of people to be associated with. You can hardly ever pass another boat without a friendly hand wave exchange.

Boaters are a different breed of men and women. They value things differently than landlubbers. They love nature and like to be out in it, not just sitting in front of a TV watching it. But boating is not for everyone. It takes time, money, and some say a romantic soul. The rewards are knowledge, experience, patience, fortitude and life full of memories.

You can gain entrance to this fraternity of like minded souls by owning a boat. With so many opportunities for boating fun available today, there’s no reason why anyone can’t take advantage of the benefits that recreational boating has to offer.

Ten Reasons To Own A Boat!

1. Water, Water Everywhere

About ninety percent of Americans live less than an hour from a navigable body of water?

2. Affordable

Are you under the impression that recreational boating is too expensive for your current budget? Think again. Many boats can be financed for well under $200 a month. Because boats have a longer life than cars, banks will finance for longer terms than a car loan, making monthly payments more affordable.

3. Quality of Life

The minute you leave the dock, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave your troubles behind. Recreational boating provides a constructive outlet that reduces stress and provides enriching opportunities, whether it’s learning how to fish, water ski or simply seeing the world that you can’t see from shore or just enjoying the glow of sunset with family and friends. Everything is better on your boat and you are the captain.

4. Bond with Friends and Family

To many boaters the best part about boating doesn’t revolve just around the number of fish caught or water-skiing, but simply the opportunities it provides for boating fun with friends and family. Boating is quality time spent away from the TV set and video games. Boating creates an atmosphere that brings people together and creates fond memories that last a lifetime.

5. Reduce Stress

A little bit of boating fun each day can go a long way towards reducing stress.  A  National Marina Manufacturers Association survey of over 1,000 American households listed boating in the top-three of all stress-relieving activities.

6. Rewarding Activity

Whether you’re instilling your children with extra confidence as they learn how to properly secure a line, or you’re enjoying the delicate taste of fresh fish that your family caught, boating recreation provides many different rewards for all ages.


7. Convenient

Hop on your boat for a mini-vacation whenever you feel like it. Just a few hours spent after work, can seem like a weekend away. Boating is a great alternative to other family recreational activities, which can quickly add up to become even more expensive and time-consuming.


8. Good Exercise

Boating provides many opportunities to stay physically active and in touch with nature. Just crawling around your boat and the dock or simply breathing in the breeze coming off the water seems to strengthen the constitution. Want more; try water-skiing, tubing, wake-boarding, and fishing. Boating will keep you and your family or friends active and off the couch.

9. Easy to Learn

With so many available boating classes and courses to choose from, you’ll be out on the water before you know it.

10. FUN!

One of the best reasons for boating is simply because it’s so much fun!


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