Why Choose ASICS Sneakers for Running Shoes?

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Why Choose ASICS Sneakers for Running Shoes?

Running is a high impact sport, and choosing the correct gear is just as important as where you run. The most important investment you make is in the shoes protecting your feet. ASICS is a brand that has been around since the mid-1900s. The acronym comes from the Latin for the saying, "A sound mind in a sound body." This is the principle that stands behind the athletic shoes they produce. They have many different designs, each focusing on different foot issues. This attention to detail makes ASICS sneakers an excellent choice for any runner.


Choosing the Right Running Shoe for You

Choosing a running shoe is more than just finding the most fashionable sneakers and sprinting away. You need to consider many different elements of how your foot is made and how you walk or run on a daily basis.


Foot Detail


How to Test

Arch Height

Distance of instep arch on foot to walking surface; can be flat footed, normal, or have high arches

Wet test: step in water, then onto surface to see how arch imprints. Solid fat foot is flat, almost halved vertically is high arched

Wear Patterns

How previously worn shoes wear smooth in different areas to show how you run or walk normally

Look at worn in shoes; shoes if you strike on ball or heel of foot, and how hard


Measure of how far your feet roll in during a typical running step

Have professional watch you run to identify; notice yourself how far foot rolls, identify by wear patterns on shoes


Identifying these elements help you narrow down exactly which shoe provides the appropriate support and comfort for your running.

Arch Height

Your arch height is important because it determines where the arch of the shoe should hit on your foot and just how much padding or support should be there. Too little or too much cushioning causes pain. The ASICS Gel-Kayano design, made for men and women, is an excellent shoe for flat-footed individuals by providing adequate padding and comfortable fit.


Pronation is really the biggest indicator of which running shoe you buy. For most runners, a single step begins by the outside of the heel striking the ground. Then, the foot rolls inward just a bit as the shoe meets the running surface. This motion is pronation. Finally, the heel lifts and pressure at the ball of the foot pushes you into the next step. Overpronation is when your foot rolls in a lot. It creates risks for injuries. Motion control shoes help correct this issue with a firm midsole to prevent that rolling in. Several ASICS running shoes have the right elements to correct overpronation and protect you from injuries. The Gel-Foundation 8, Gel-Fortitude 3, and Gel-Forte lines for men and women feature stable support, a flexible upper, and gel inserts for comfort.

Underpronation is the opposite problem, where the foot rolls outwards during each step. This gives a pounding motion to each step, which can be very jarring. Underpronators need running shoes with plenty of cushioning to help lessen the impact on their bodies. Most ASICS shoes provide plenty of cushioning. Some bestsellers in this arena are the Gel-Nimbus and Gel-Cumulus lines, invoking the image of shoes that make you feel as if your are running on air.



With all these things to consider in running shoes, why should you choose the ASICS brand? Plainly put, they are good at what they do. ASICS has been designing athletic trainers for decades. The pay close attention to the different ways a shoe fits on your foot and the different ways your foot may behave during running. Instead of creating the single best running shoe to cover all these elements, they have a broad range of shoes that are customizable for many individual needs. Additionally, ASICS shoes continually earn rave reviews for their comfort, fit, and design. These reviews allow you to feel confident when purchasing ASICS running shoes, knowing you are investing in a high-quality shoe from a reliable brand.


How to Buy ASICS Running Shoes on eBay

Once you have discovered how you run and what elements you need in your shoes, you are ready to make a selection. Finding your item is as simple as typing your keywords into the search bar located on any eBay page. This provides any listings with your keywords in their title. An advanced search can help you narrow the results even more. Then, simply buy your item. Once you receive your new ASICS running shoes, you can be ready to go wherever you want, whether on trails, pavement, or tracks. You can rest assured that no matter what your particular running style, your feet are safe and protected with the perfect ASICS shoes.

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