What's a Five Screw Nintendo NES game? 5 screw huh?

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What's a Five Screw Nintendo NES game? 5 screw huh?
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...ok so you may have noticed that some old NES games have notches on the top, and some are flat...take a look at the back of the flat top games, they've got 5 screws, as opposed to the others which have 3....when Nintendo started making games and sold the first wave of licenses to 3rd party companies, the gray carts themselves had 5 screws and a flat top...after 9 months or so, they found a more efficient (I assume cheaper) way to make the games, and easier to get into with the notches on the top.  So....the original 5 screw carts are much rarer, some of them significantly so...I've probably had 100 copies of The Legend of Zelda in my life (no joke) and I only have ever had ONE 5 screw version, same with Metroid and Castlevania...I'm STILL looking for a 5 screw spelunker, I'm sure it's out there...there's a couple other VERY rare ones like the Arkanoid I have...there are rumors of some carts in 5 screw form that I've NEVER EVEN SEEN...have fun collecting, I sure am!



-the Deliguy

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