What is Enhanced Diamond?

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What is Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

In order to understand what is an enhanced diamond, and why you can get a bigger, cleaner diamond, for less money, we have to understand which cycle the diamond goes through from the mine to you, the consumer.

Stage 1 – The Rough
Our diamonds originate from the diamond mine as all natural diamonds do.
When diamonds are mined out from the mines, they all are in an octahedral-like form called crystal .

Important to note: Our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in agreement with United Nations Resolutions. (a.k.a. Conflict Diamonds).

Stage 2 - Cutting the Rough
The first step of enhancing the stone is cutting the rough into a beautiful shape with 57 facets that capture the brilliance of the stone and letting light come into the diamond.

Important to note: All of our diamonds are sent to our state of the art diamond cutting facility in Russia where it is sorted and cut to perfection by our highly skilled diamond cutters.

Stage 3 – The Enhancement Process
The second step of enhancing the stone deals with the inclusion that is located within the diamond. As we all know, 99.9% of the diamonds in the world have inclusions.
Then through a process of high heat and high pressure a clear material with almost the same refractive index of that of a diamond is inserted into the inclusion.
This process makes the inclusion invisible even to the highly magnifying jeweler’s loupe. (The diamond is the same, and the inclusion is still in the diamond, it just cannot be seen.).

Stage 4 – Mounting the Diamond
All our stones are hand selected by our GIA Graduated Gemologists, ensuring the perfect match of the color and the purity of the diamond. After matching and sorting the diamonds, our highly skilled jewelers step in and give a unique design for each and every piece of jewelry. 

So, what are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are natural diamonds like any other diamonds. They both originate from the same place; the diamond mine.
The difference between the two is that one went through a process of an enhancement, meaning that this diamond prior to being enhanced “had” an eye-visible inclusion.
Even though both now look different, the enhanced diamond will look much better than its non-enhanced counterpart that still has eye-visible inclusions-- it does not change the fact that both were diamonds in the rough in a natural diamond mine.

The enhancement adds more brilliance and shine to the diamond, while the non-enhanced diamond pales in comparison.  

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are Real Diamonds, not to be confused with Cubic Zirconium or Moissanite, which are synthetic stones and grown in a laboratory.

The Clarity Enhanced Process is based on a patented formula which contains certain elements that the GIA, the worlds greatest laboratory, which has tested (and continues to test) regarding the enhancement process:

a.    The enhancement remained in the diamond without fading for at least a decade, and counting.
b.    The process adds zero weight to the diamond.
c.    The enhancement improved the clarity of the diamond only up to two grades.
d.    The enhancement process doesn’t improve the color of the diamond.

Does the enhancement add weight to the diamond?

The Clarity Enhanced process is based on a patented formula which contains certain elements that the GIA, the world greatest laboratory, has reported that the process adds ZERO WEIGHT (an atomic weight equal to a diamond weight) to the diamond.

Will the enhancement fade from exposure to the sun?

It is true that extremely intense heat (more then 100C /212F) can release the enhancement from a Clarity Enhanced Diamond. We do not recommend putting your hand in boiling water, and if you take a trip to the sun leave the ring in the space shuttle.
However, our Enhancement is so resilient (extremely strong) that your jeweler can use a steam cleaner, warm ultrasonic devices, cold rhodium and cold acid.

Why should I buy Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Since clarity enhanced diamonds are 30% - 50% less expensive than non-enhanced diamonds, you have three advantages to gain from:

  1. You get a Bigger diamond for the same price - Size DOES matter.
  2. You get a Cleaner Diamond for the same price.
  3. You get the Same Color, Carat and Clarity for a lower price.

How is the process made?

In order to understand how the process works, we have to understand what an inclusion is.
As we already know, 99.9% of the diamonds in the world have inclusions, and the most important element in the brilliance of the diamond is the passage of light without interference.
The inclusion that is in the diamond is trapped with air, and light can’t go through it, making the inclusion visible.
The process is made from a patented formula that contains lead and bismuth, and through a combination of high heat and high pressure, these elements are sucked into all the air that is trapped in the inclusion and let the light continue to flow without interference to its maximum brilliance.

Is the process irreversible?

There are two types of processes:

  • Irreversible Process - The Laser Drilling Process releases the black inclusion from the diamond by drilling microscopic holes from the surface of the diamond to the inclusion it self.
    After the process is done the stone will stay like this for ever without change.
  • Reversible Process - The Clarity Enhanced Process fills the inclusion with elements that replace the air that’s in the inclusion.
    This formula makes the inclusion seem invisible (the inclusion is still there).
    The stone can be returned to the previous way it was only by removing the process, either if it occurs unknowingly, or with complete knowledge, the stone will be the same like it was before the enhancement—though it will contain an inclusion.
    The enhancement can be done over and over again.

What guarantee do I have?

Your Diamond Traces Clarity Enhanced Diamond is protected by our lifetime warranty.
Should the appearance or the brilliance of your diamond change, which is a very seldom occurrence, Diamond Traces will retreat your diamond at no charge and with no questions asked.

This information was provided by Diamond Traces, the leading company in Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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