What are Duvet Covers?

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What are duvet covers? 


What is a duvet cover, duvet cover definition?

Duvet is the name of a bag filled with feathers, down, or other natural stuffing.  A bedding duvet cover is a type of blanket for a bed and can be compared to a large pillowcase for your duvet or comforter.  The bedding duvet covers button, snap, zip or tie at the top allowing for the insert to stay inside.


What is the purpose of a duvet cover?

Since duvets or comforters are so expensive to dry clean, and washing is often not an option, a bed duvet cover protects the insert and can be easily removed or washed.


What do you put in a duvet cover?

In duvet comforter covers you put a duvet which is a cotton blanket filled with down, feathers, wool or poly fill.  You can also use a comforter to put inside a duvet cover to protect it or to create a New Decorator Look in minutes!


What size cover does a duvet need?

Make sure to match your comforter's size, since you will be placing your comforter inside the duvet.  For proper fit, the duvet comforter cover needs to be at least 1" or 2" inches larger than the duvet/comforter.  Here are some sizes to keep in mind:

Twin:  from 63 inches x 85 inches to 68 inches x 88 inches

Full/Queen:  From 85 inches x 91 inches to 90 inches x 92 inches

King:  From 104 inches x 92 inches to 106 inches x 92 inches

California King:  102 inches x 99 inches

*** Thick mattresses will need a size larger than mentioned above


What type of fabric and styles for duvet covers?

Duvet covers are available in a variety of fabrics and patterns.  Some of the fabrics are:

Cotton - The most commonly used material for duvet covers as it is easy to care for, has great breathability and can be made into limitless patterns and textures:  Combed cotton, Cotton sateen, Cotton percale, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton.

Blends - Ideal for easy care and no-iron bedding.  The cotton-polyester combines the best of natural synthetic fibers.

Silk - Luxurious, soft and often washable.  Silk will take vibrant dyes in the most gorgeous colors and is an elegant duvet cover choice.

Faux suede - Also called:  micro suede, microsuede.  Typically a polyester fabric that looks and feels like real suede.  it is more affordable and easier to clean than real suede, and it comes in hundred of colors.

Velvet - Typically made of polyester blends and it it washable.  This heavier look may be better for cooler months.


How to put a duvet cover on?

Step 1 - Turn the duvet cover inside out, and lay it on top of the duvet

Step 2 - Put your arms inside the duvet cover and follow the seams up until you can grip the corners at the opposite end of the opening.

Step 3 - Holding the duvet cover firmly through the duvet cover, shake the duvet cover down over the comforter.

Step 4- Fasten the open end of the duvet.


How do you keep comforter from sliding down in a duvet cover?

To keep the comforter from sliding down, you must attach the corners of the duvet to its cover.  Sew small ties made of ribbon or twill tape to each corner of the duvet as well as the cover.  You must then tie the duvet to the cover to prevent movement.


How to care for a duvet cover?

Duvet covers made of fabrics such as cotton or poly-cotton blends are easy to care and may be safely laundered at home. Covers made of woven materials may stretch with washing and should be cleaned with care. Luxury duvet cover made of silk should be dry-cleaned.


How to decorate with duvet covers?

Duvet covers are also very versatile. They allow you to change easily the look of your bedroom without having to completely redecorate.  They come in a large variety of styles, designs and fabrics.  They can be purchased as part of bedding set along with sheets, pillowcases and bed skirt all in coordinating patterns.

The right style is a matter of personal taste. When choosing a duvet cover for your comforter, pick out a style that will go with your furniture and flooring of your bedroom.  A Plaid, Floral, Toile or Paisley patterned duvet cover works well in a Contemporary and Traditional setting.  For an exotic theme, choose Tropical or Animal print fabrics.  A classic solid White, Ivory or Black duvet Cover,  will create the luxury look of an Hotel Style.  As for the child's bedroom, there are several types of duvet cover patterns in stripes, floral, cartoon characters or even sporting teams.   For a man's bedroom, solids and subdued patterns are the perfect choices for a classic and masculine space.  For worry-free decorating, you can always pick sheet sets that include a duvet cover.


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