Secret PayPal Shipping Labels & Stamps off-eBay Mailing

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Secret PayPal Shipping Labels & Stamps off-eBay Mailing
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Did you know you can create shipping labels using PayPal and use for non-ebay USPS package shipments?

This can save you $$$ because you have no monthly fee (and you get discounted shipping on some types of packages), or stamp price markup. A hidden "secret" is that you can ship non-ebay packages using the USPS Postal Service via PayPal. Similar to the Click-n-Ship online shipping on the Postal Service web site, but you can pay with your existing PayPal account.

... and the great news is you can do FIRST CLASS MAIL (Domestic only, not International First Class Mail) and not forced into limited, and more expensive, Priority Mail on Click-n-Ship for under 13 oz. packages.

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HINT FOR BEST USE:  Since most labels are now on eBay, bookmark the page in bold below, then click it after you log in to PayPal.

Here is the shortcut secret link: (eBay does not allow links, so cut and paste this URL into your browsers)

  • Saving a trip to the post office,
  • You get discounts for paying online for all packages, including First Class Packages, Priority Mail and Express Mail packages
  • You can use it even if you don't use existing PayPal shipping as your default, or if you don't use barcodes, but want to for that "special" customer
  • Great back up to current meter or non-metered postage method
  • Creates Delivery Confirmation automatically (saving from the $0.75 or more retail price, or more, at the Post Office, or using the neon green sticker)
  • Allows you to send Media Mail, and other mail classes such as Express Mail
  • Automatically updates shipping costs for the weight and class you are shipping
  • You can use alternate shipping addresses (including your Ebay store name instead of your given name) in return address by editing
  • Can print on regular paper (but not recommended)
  • Can create profiles and name them (in multiorder shipping:  File>Creat New Orders) for the normal shipping types
  • Allows you to give packages weighing over 13 oz. to be give to your carrier (you can't do this with stamps only because of shipping rules)
    Read here: [cut and paste entire URL]
  • You can charge postage to a PayPal credit card if used as your default payment method, or use your PayPal balance
  • You can click and trace, or copy and paste Delivery Confirmation number directly to the tracking system for updates
  • Exact Postage without have to pay monthly fee to postage providers
  • Allows you to enter variation of addresses that typically get rejected in shipping fields, because it does not standardize, but does validate zip codes
  • Automatically calculates the correct amount (you just enter the weight)
  • Can purchase insurance online up to $500
  • Works with UPS- and FEDEX-size labels (half sheet size, and maybe others) AND now works with many default labels,
  • MultiOrder Shipping allows SCAN Forms to be used (Tells your buyers your item has been shipped, and also validates insurance for those packages you have insured.)
    Read here: [cut and paste entire URL]
  • You can pre-prepare shipments for those pending echecks up to four days in advance (since PayPal will not allow you to create a label until check clears); You have the option of email buyer if you want, showing him or her the label is created AND THE DATE scheduled to ship.
  • Shows up in your payapl log and monthly reports


  • You have to type in the address -- it does not populated from ebay customer address,
  • Cannot shut off Delivery Confirmation (i.e. you get it every label) and pay for it
  • If you don't have a label printer, you might have to cut and tape (don't cover bar codes with tape!)
  • Labels can be up to 1/2 sheet in size, requiring packages to have a flat surface about 6" x 9" for best results
  • Supports popular label machines such as LabelWriter by Dymo
  • Non-Priority Mail packages (i.e. First Class Mail Parcels - domestic) MUST BE 3/4" thick to use the Delivery Confirmation bar code. (hint: put a styrofoam peanut or two to bring it up to size minimums.)
  • DOES NOT ALLOW Domestic First Class LETTERS to be created
  • DOES NOT ALLOW other add-on services, such as those requiring registration
  • DOES NOT ALLOW over $500 insurances;
  • Cannot add more insurance later at the post office
  • Will not update your ebay shipping record as it does now, since the transaction is not linked to the ebay sale.


  • Get a printer that can handle the 1/2 sheet labels, or the Dymo thinner labels that are compatible with PayPal.
  • Get a digital scale, allowing you to weight down to the 10th of an ounce

See compatible PayPal printers here:;jsessionid=LxmG41WGJXF8pZ8cGvTKfnWf2VyHqGJJFJJ40j3y9hB1vtw8YcBN!492315654?locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=US&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9003&t=solutionTab&ft=browseTab&ps=solutionPanels&solutionTopic=20165&solutionId=10631&isSrch=Yes

To learn more than you may need to know about USPS shipping with PayPal, go here:;jsessionid=LxmG41WGJXF8pZ8cGvTKfnWf2VyHqGJJFJJ40j3y9hB1vtw8YcBN!492315654?t=browseTab&opentopic=20165&topicName=U.S.+Postal+Service&topicTreeId=null&showcontent=true&lstLanguageResults=en_US&locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=US&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9003&showAll=true

Go to this link here to begin shipping via PayPal now:

(eBay does not allow links, so cut and paste this URL into your browsers; you will have to log in before it redirects you )

NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP:  Create a short cut or link to the page.  PayPal makes finding this page "challenging" to say the least.

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