Pool Cue Tips - Hardness Guide and what works

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Pool Cue Tips - Hardness Guide and what works
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The absolute #1 factor in delivering a high level of performance from your cue, asside from players skill is the type of tip that you choose for play. Pool cue tips come in a variety of different styles to cater to individual playing needs.
Soft tips are not better than Medium , nor vice versa. A player should understand why they are choosing a soft pool cue tip, or a hard.

In this guide "Pool Cue Tips - Hardness Guide and what works"

   * The big names in pool cue tips
   * Why hardness is not a good measurement to begin with
   * Why play style should dictate your tip
   * Our tip hardness chart

The BIG Names In Pool Cue Tips

I could see how someone purchasing a pool cue tip for the first time may have no idea where to start.
There are literally hundreds of billiards names to sift through when it comes to choosing a pool cue tip.
These brands may be reputable, or they may not.

Only a few manufacturers have focused primarily on performance pool cue tips.
Three from the top of the list would have to be Kamui Tips of Japan , Moori Tip of Japan , and Tiger Tips of California.

Kamui being the newcommer on the block for some has been highly advertised and very well marketed within the US. Kamui boasts high technology and higher consistency compared to their competition. They also price at the top of the spectrum.

Moori tips of Japan were one of, if not the first layered laminate tip to be introduced to the general public more than 10 years ago. Moori tips are also made in Japan where Kamui is based.

Tiger on the other hand has a larger variety of tips to choose from. They are based out of California where Tony A.K.A "The Tiger" has been developing billiards products for many years.

Why Hardness is Not a Good Measurement To Begin With

Although the brands have succeeded to labeling their tips with correlating hardness' , hardness is not the best measurement for one to mentally compare two tips. Hardness does not indicate porosity , streach allowances, wear, or bounce levels, which are all important factors in your pool cue tips performance.

The best way to think about your tip is supersized!

Imagine instead of shooting with a 13mm tip , you are shooting with a 12 inch diameter tip - Imagine a log with a tip on it
Now, instead of shooting at a 2 1/4 inch diameter cue ball, that ball is as tall as a grown adult.

Pushing on the top of the ball , your tip will do a few things.
It will indent from the opposing forces and flex up-words because you are shooting top and center.

In order for you to produce any sort of ball spin, these two things need to happen, and the longer your tip stays on the ball during your shot, the more capable you will be in producing that ball spin.

Why Play Style Should Dictate Your Tip

Have you ever heard someone say that a soft tip is best? Yes, we hear it quite often too.
What is the most important shot in the game?  This is probably not an argument that I want to get in to, but I will guarantee that massive 2 rail backspin across the short rails is not it.

A soft tip will generally allow someone to do things with the cue ball that they normally could not do with a harder tip. Are those things necessary for your game?

in a perfect game of 9 ball, only the stop shot would be used. But the world is not perfect, nor is anyone's game.
So, gauge your tip to your games needs.

If you are shooting on 9 foot tables, generally one would not choose a very soft tip, because the ball has to travel much further than on a standard bar box.

As a general rule of thumb, If you shoot more shots with top spin or center a player will benefit from a harder tip, and if you choose to use bottom, left and right english a softer tip.

Pool Cue Tip Hardness Chart

This data is collected from multiple sources and may not be 100% accurate, please use as a guide.


G10 Tip
Phenolic Tip
Tiger Icebreaker
Tiger Jump Break
  Samsara Break Tip
Talisman Break Tip
White Diamond Tip
Talisman X Hard
Talisman WB Hard
Moori Hard
Kamui Black Hard
Kamui Hard
Talisman Hard
Triangle Tips
WB Tip
Tiger Hard
Wizard Hard
Ram Hard
LePro Tips
Flying Pig Tips
Porper Majestic
Tiger Dynamite
Triumph Tips
Wizard Medium
Sarin Tip
Kamui Black Medium
Everest Tips
Kamui Medium
Tiger Medium
Talisman WB Medium
Moori Medium
Super Pro
Talisman Medium
Milk Dud Tips (Gen)
Ram Medium
Kamui Black Soft
Kamui Soft
Kamui Black Super Soft
Kamui Super Soft
Tiger Emerald Tips
Tiger Sniper Tips
Tiger Onyx Tips
Tiger Soft Tips
Talisman Soft
Ram Soft Tip
Moori Soft Tips
Elk Master Tips


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