How to wrap a rod guide.

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In this guide, I will show you how to make a simple wrap for rod guides. This technique applies for all sorts of rods.
Step 1) For heavier action rods such as saltwater rods, an underwrap is highly recommended because it prevents the foot of the guide from digging into the blank under heavy loads and helps the epoxy to better adhere the guide to the blank.
Always use a thinner thread for the underwrap to prevent the thicker overwrap thread from digging in. In this case I used a metallic blue thread size B and silver thread size B for the trim. In the middle I used Gudebrod Trimar Thread Silver Blue in size C. Note that center trim is exactly in the center of the underwrap.

Step 2) Position the guide with masking tape and measure the front and rear space where you intend to wrap the overwrap. I usually measure from the trim to the bend of the guide foot on both the back and front foot. You may have to move the guide forward or back until you reach exact symmetry. Also make sure that the guide is positioned aligned with the reel seat in the proper position: UP for casting rods and DOWN for spinning rods.

Step 3) Wrap from the back to front of the rod (left to right). May be reverse if your handle is on the left side. If you are building a light action rod, one layer is enough. For saltwater rods, it is advisable to double wrap or ever triple wrap on extremely heavy rods. Shown above is a continuous double wrap (back to front and back again). I used an "E" size thread because this is a heavy saltwater spinning rod. You may use "C" or "D" size thread for lighter rods.

Step 4) Do the same for the front foot wrap and you are DONE! Keep in mind of the position of the guide and make sure that the wrap is symmetric. The above picture shows the complete wrap ready to be epoxied.

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