How to tell if your Guess purse is authentic

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How to tell if your Guess purse is authentic
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Tips to help authenticate your Guess bag

Is it real or fake?

Things to look for when purchasing a designer Guess Bag

The items listed below are ways to tell if a Guess bag is authentic. Not all bags contain all of these items. I would always suggest purchasing your bag new with tags. If you are still in doubt ask the seller to supply a copy of the receipt or a gift receipt for authentication. Guess has recently taken steps to insure authenticity, including metal name plates in the interior and embossed hardware. However, many of the bags currently available do not yet reflect this.


High end designer bags are always well designed. Inspect the bag for the quality and craftsmanship you can expect in a designer bag .


All Guess Bags are fully lined including mini bags. The most popular designs are satin style, some models have solid color, others have the G logo print and some have animal print linings.

3.Magnetic Snap:

Many of the Guess bags and wallets on the market today do have the magnetic style snap.

4.Metal Plate:

Many of the newer style Guess Bags have the metal name plate sewn into the interior of the bag.


Many of the newer higher ticket price bags do have embossed hardware.

6.Made in China:

Most Guess bags are actually made in China, so, having a made in China tag in the interior does not mean the bag is not authentic. With the exception of some of the older models all most every Guess bag is currently manufactured or assembled in China.

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