How to get the most money selling your Hummels on eBay.

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Get the most attention, interest and money when listing your Hummels.

After 30 years of  dealing in antiques, and higher end collectibles (including early, & rare mold variation Hummels), the amount of "awfull" Hummel listings never ceases to amaze me. We have all seen them ..... lousy photos, no photo of trademark info on the bottom, wrong TMK listed in title,  "damaged, but otherwise excellent/mint" (one of my favorites),  and the list goes on .... and on. These same sellers then, scratch their head, and wonder why their nice Hummel sold for so little money.

Here's what knowledgeable Hummel buyers want to see on your listings:

1. GOOD, CLEAR PHOTOS! You are most likely listing your Hummel in the collectibles category ... right? Ebay gives you 12 FREE pictures, with enlarge, when listing in this category ..... USE THEM.

2. PICTURE CONTENT: "Always" include a clear photo of the base underside. The marks on the underside of a Hummel will give the knowledgeable collectors nearly all the info they need about your Hummel (excluding condition). If you really want the most money for your figurine, your photos should include clear close-ups of all protruding areas of the Hummel. These include pigtails, ponytails, bowties, arms, fingers, flowers, raised hair, fence posts, etc. Also, it's a great idea to include photos of the neck area. All areas I have mentioned are susceptible to damage and will often be repaired. A focussed collector can usually spot repairs, even the good ones, if the photos are adequate.

3. TRADEMARKS: If you are unsure of which trademark your Hummel has, don't mention any trademark in the title. Hummel titles, with no trademark mentioned, will get plenty of attention from collectors looking for older marks. Wrong trademarks in your title can cost you money, and cost me wasted time. Simply make sure, as I have already mentioned, that you include a good photo of the trademark info under the base.  

4. CONDITION: "Closely" examine your Hummel before listing. Pay particular attention to the areas I mention earlier. Look for any damage or repairs .... a simple magnifying glass will help. Due to the assumed value of Hummels, many have been repaired. The "vast majority" of repaired Hummels hold very little, to no value. Closely checking for repairs will prevent you from headaches after a sale.

5. DAMAGED/REPAIRED: If the Hummel is damaged, or repaired, I prefer to see this fact mentioned in the TITLE.

6. MOLD NUMBER: When put in your title, it makes search easier.

What most knowledgeable collectors don't want to see on a Hummel listing.

1. DATE: The date incised on the underside of a Hummel is known as the "mold induction date" (MID). This date indicates when the MOLD for the Hummel was made (or copyrighted), and does not necessarily indicate the age of your figurine.

2. BOOK VALUE (my opinion, some will disagree): Who cares? Let the collectors/buyers determine the "value". I see a listing with "book value" in the title, I hit the back-button. Same thing when I see "LOOK" in a title. I see this, I don't look.

3. HUMMEL HISTORY: Most folks looking to buy Hummels already know the history of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel.

Hope this guide helps .... I just hope some of the inexperianced Hummel sellers read it. If you get anything out of this guide, please .... let it be including a photo of trademarks.

Regards, AL.


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