How to Use the Keurig Mini

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How to Use the Keurig Mini
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Keurig Mini

The Keurig line of coffee makers makes morning coffee easy and delicious. The Keurig Mini makes one cup of hot coffee at a time in mere seconds. Instead of spooning grounds into a filter and brewing a whole pot of coffee, the Mini makes one cup at a time from convenient K-cups, which are pre-filled containers of coffee grounds. K-cups come in a wide variety of flavors and strengths, from mild brew coffee to darker, strong roasts. Using a Mini is not difficult, and keeping it clean and maintained ensures it makes many cups of coffee for years to come.

Setup and Brewing

The Mini is smaller than the regular Keurig, but it operates the same way. Plug your coffee maker in and pick the K-cup you would like to use to create coffee. Do not open the K-cup; the coffee maker has sharp edges that puncture the cup during the brewing process, so there is no need to open it or peel the top off.

Power the Mini on by depressing the button on the front. On top of the machine, find the button that says "Press" and open the hatch. Find the hole where the K-cup goes, and place it into the housing. Close the Mini to activate the water lever, which opens as soon as the housing is closed and the K-cup is in place.

Fill the water tank up to the line that says "Fill Level." Close the tank securely. Put your coffee cup on the tray, and push the button that says "Brew." It takes a few minutes for the Mini to heat up the water. Once the light goes off and brewing stops, grab your fresh cup of coffee.

Clean and Maintain Keurig Mini

After you brew a cup of coffee or tea, empty the tray under the cup placement and clean it so drips do not build up. Remove the housing that holds the K-cup in place and wash it in the dishwasher on a low cycle, or wash it by hand with mild soap and water. Dry it thoroughly before placing it back into the brewer.

The funnel pulls away from the K-cup holder and is able to go into the dishwasher. If the needles that puncture the K-cups become dirty, use a paperclip to remove coffee. Wipe down the external portion of the Mini with a dry cloth, and run a plain water cycle through the brewer to clean the water tank.

Descaling the Mini

Descale your brewer twice a year or more to keep it running properly and reduce the buildup of mineral deposits. Use white vinegar to descale the coffee maker; fill the tank with undiluted vinegar. Run the vinegar through the brewer and into a regular ceramic coffee cup. Pour the hot vinegar into the water tank, and stop the brewing process to allow the vinegar to sit inside the tank for half an hour.

Run fresh water through the tank several times to remove any residue of the vinegar, and the Mini should continue to work well. Never submerge the brewer, plugs, or any internal parts in water.

Problems and Solutions

Though the Keurig Mini is efficient and easy to operate, you may encounter some small issues when making coffee. Troubleshoot the issue and fix it before brewing again.



Brewer does not brew coffee

Check water level and K-cup placement

Only brewing half a cup or less

Clogged needle; clean with a paperclip

Descale brewer

No power

Check outlet and breaker

Overflowing coffee cup

Only fill up water to fill line

The Keurig lasts for a long time if cared for properly. When you are not using your Mini, store it in a safe spot that is not too hot or cold. Always use bottled water for the best tasting cup of coffee.

How to Buy a Keurig Mini on eBay

Purchase a Keurig Mini on eBay and enjoy one low-priced cup of coffee at a time. The Mini comes in fun colors like yellow, purple, and pink. Search for a new coffee mug to accompany your Mini, and get the best deals from Top-Rated Plus sellers. Considering picking up your Mini in person from a local seller to alleviate shipping charges.

If you drink one cup of coffee in the morning and hate making a whole pot, or you love the convenience of coffee without the wait, the Mini is fun and easy to use. With a wide variety of flavors to try, the Mini makes entertaining guests with different tastes effortless, and every cup a new adventure.

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