How to Repair the Xbox 360 Disc Tray

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How to Repair the Xbox 360 Disc Tray
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How to Repair the Xbox 360 Disc Tray

The Xbox 360 is a fragile device, and many things can go wrong with it. A broken or malfunctioning disc tray is one of the issues that plague gamers. The tray itself can break or jam, the disc could stop reading, or the Xbox system may not recognize that the tray is closed. No matter which of these problems is bothering gamers, there are several ways to repair the Xbox 360 disc tray.. By doing the repairs themselves, gamers extend the life of their Xbox rather than going out and buying a new one. Simply use the following instructions to learn how to get the Xbox in working order again.

1. How to Repair the Xbox 360 "Open Disc Tray Error"

Sometimes the Xbox system does not recognize that the disc tray is closed. Rather than reading the disc and playing the game or DVD, the screen displays an error that the tray is open. To fix this, turn off the Xbox with the disc still inside of it. Next, press the button to open the disc tray, which causes the system to turn back on. Slowly and carefully push the disc tray back in by force. Do it gently so that nothing breaks. Only push until the Xbox starts retracting the tray on its own. Once it is fully retracted, reboot the system and it should work again. This method may sound odd, but it forces the laser to recalibrate itself and work again.

2. How to Repair a Jammed Xbox 360 Disc Tray

If the Xbox 360 disc tray is jammed and does not open, grab a flat-head screwdriver or another small device that can pop the tab inward on the faceplate. Once the tab is in, remove the tray's faceplate. Now grab a paper clip and straighten out the wire as much as possible. On the left side of the exposed area there is a hole. Slide the paper clip into it, and use a flashlight if necessary. Locate the gears on the tray and push the paperclip into the teeth to the right of the gears. If done correctly, pushing on the teeth causes the tray to open slightly. Slide something in or use fingers to then carefully pry the tray open.

Examine everything after opening the tray to see if something is stuck inside. If not, try lubricating the gears and tracks to prevent the tray from jamming again.

3. How to Repair Xbox 360 Disc Tray Reading Errors

Sometimes the Playstation displays the error message to open the disc tray even if there is a disc inside already. The cause of the issue is the laser; it is failing to read the disk. If recalibrating the laser does not work, then this method may be effective.

This project is much easier with the Xbox 360 case opening tool.. It is also possible to get an Xbox repair kit that comes with the opening tool, as well as a mini screwdriver and other handy tools that make taking the console apart much easier.

Take the Xbox casing off of the console by using the tools.. This process can be a bit labor intensive so search the Internet for specific instructions if necessary. Once the case is off, the disc drive is visible. The laser is to the right of where the wheel is that turns the CDs and DVDs. As the laser reads the disc, it moves up and down a set of rails. One common problem is the inability of the laser to move. Use compressed air to blow off the dust and debris around the inside of the tray and laser area.

Next, manually move the laser up and down the tracks. This should loosen it up a bit if it is stuck. The laser should click as it moves; those are the slots in the rails that hold it in specific areas during the read processes. However, if the laser does not move, do not force it. Userubbing alcohol and Q-tips to clean the tracks. Then use Vaseline to lightly coat the tracks, gears, and sliding mechanism. This lubricates everything and helps the laser move more easily. Lastly, put a CD into the disc drive before replacing the Xbox casing to see if everything functions properly.

How to Buy Tools and Parts to Repair the Xbox 360 Disc Tray

Repairing an Xbox 360 disc tray is a frustrating process. However, certain tools can make the job much easier to complete. The best place to find a large selection of Xbox 360 tools and replacement parts is on eBay. Thousands of sellers list their items daily, so there is never a shortage or limited selection. Find what you need by using the search bar on the website. Just type in the product name and then browse through the items that the site produces for you. For example, you can look for anything from "Xbox 360 case opening tool&" to " Xbox 360 case.."

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