How To Create Collections On Ebay

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While this guide was written with the primary purpose to assist Ebay sellers in promoting each-other's listings by creating collections, it is my hope that everyone else who would like to make his / her own collections, whether buyer or seller, will be able to use it. Before I share some tips, I would like to recommend that sellers who wish to promote other sellers' items by creating a collection pick items of the 30 days FP typs, preferably ones that still have many days left before they expire. Normally, we can expect the items to be relisted in case they don't sell; but something may prevent the seller from doing so, and this means we will need to replace the item, or temporarily take it off. So, if a seller gets hospitalized, or has to travel to a conference, or family gathering, and didn't have time to relist the expired item for some reason, there may still be a photo of the expired or sold item in the collection, but but the foot-note (uner the picture will say, "This item is sold / or expired." When you click on this, it will offer you to "View seller's other items," but also brings up other sellers listings with photos, below that.

I also recommend we all monitor our own collections, periodically, to replace a SOLD item by another one from that favorite seller.

This only takes a few minutes of our time daily, at least as long as we don't have too many collections. And now to my (not necessarily perfect) tutorial on how to create a nice collection.


How Can I Create My First Ebay Collection?

(1) The first step is, to find a listing you like (or, in this case with the boardies on this thread, to click on a boadie's View Items list and pick a listing you fancy).
(2) Looky under the price of that item - you see two blue links (called Hyperlinks, because they take you to someplace else when you click on them). Click the one that says "Add to Collection."
(3) This will bring up a new page, on which you'll be asked to give your new collection a name - enter a title in the little open bar window, let's say, My Favorite Ebay Sellers 1.
(4) Below the title area, still on the same page, there is a larger window, or frame, if you click inside it, you can enter some text that explains why you like this collection, what you like about it, what was the purpose of creating it, or just share some more information. I don't know for sure, but I surmise that the longer the text is, the more keywords there are for the bots to pick up, hence more people will see the collection, on or off Ebay. As an example, you could say something about how much fun it was to put this collection together, or that you themed it around Autumn colors, because Fall is your favorite season, that is when the leaves turn beautiful colors, etc., etc. No need to write a roman, but 2-3 sentences could make a whole lot of a difference in how many people view your collection. Note: This is not mandatory, and you can always EDIT this later, leaving it empty for now, if you just quickly want to put together a collection.

(5) Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the button, "Add to Collection."

(6) Now, with the second item, simply go find the listing you like, then click on the link below the price, Add to Collection, and it will automatically bring up the page where you created the title, and there is nothing else to do but click at the bottom of the page, again saying in large letters, "Add to collection."

Fast forward to item 15 pr 16 - we were told by Jeff from Ebay to add ca. 15 items only, but I think 16 is possibly better, it all depends on the size of photos in the listings you selected. You will see that the main page  of a collection you created shows 4 items, usually (one large picture at the top, and 2-3 pictures below that is the main page - in order to see more, one would have to click on that page and it then shows all items within that collection). Because of the wide array in photo sizes, sometimes you may find that having 16 items completes the collection better than 15, play with it a little, for the best visual effect.

How Can I Create My Second Collection?

Now, let's say you are done with your first  collection My Favorite Sellers 1. Are you ready for creating your second collection? Nothing is easier, but there are a few things to watch for. 

(1) Proceed to a listing you like, click on Add to Collection under the price at the top of that listing.

(2) Now, you will be shown, on the next page, the title of the previously created collection, in this example, My Favorite Sellers 1. You know that this collection is "full," there are now 15-16 items in it, so you no longer want to save item #17 in that collection. In order to start a new collection, click the arrow (drop-down menu) beside the title of the previous collection. This will bring up the title of all previously created collections, and you could add the new item to any of those, OR, simply enter a new title, in our example, My Favorite Ebay Sellers 2, below the list of the previously created collections.

(3) Scroll to the bottom and click, "Add to Collection." At this moment, your item #17 will be added to collection #2, which, from now on will become the default title to automatically show up with each new item selected for the collection.
Where Can I See My Collections?
In order to see your collections, simply click on your own user ID in My Ebay, and scroll down on that page. You will only see your first 3 collections with pictures, however, beside the title My Collections, there is a number in parentheses to click on, and it brings up a new page with all your collections on it.
Where Can I See Other Sellers' Collections?
Note: Clicking on the user ID in a discussion board where the seller posted comments won't work. You need to go into the listings, click on one of the active listings, then click on the seller's user ID. This will bring up his / her profile page. Scroll down to Collections, and you will be able to see the collections this seller created (if any). Again, look at the number in parentheses after the title Collections and click that number to see all of the collections, as the profile page will only exhibit 2-3 collections per default.
How to Add New Items to My Previous Collections

In case you feel one or the other item you find would be a better match for your previous collection, just click the drop-down menu with the arrow beside the title that is shown, and then you may select a title from the list of previously created collections. Select the one you like, and then add the item to it. Just be careful, when you wish to add another item to a different collection ((for example,your #2 if you are still adding item to it), then you will need to change back the default title once you click on the new item to be added, to show the title of the new collection you are working on.
Editing Mt Collections
In order to edit your collections, simply click on the collection you wish to edit, and right beside the title of that collection, there is the Edit Collection button.
Can I Make Your Collections Private?
Yes, you can, and yes, you may!

Aesthetics and Themes

While beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, I recommend creating a collection with a variety of shapes, forms and colors in it. You may also find it a great idea to arrange the collection around a common theme, like Autumn, or Handbags, or Shoes, or Floral Tops, or Holiday Decor, or Equestrian items, whatever you like. The great thing about collections is, that you can be as creative as you like, there is an infinite number of variations possible. Besides being fun, collections are also wonderful tools to promote your fellow sellers'  and favorite sellers' items, especially when combined with sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social interaction websites. Have fun!

This guide may be updated at a later time, to add more tips, or to edit the ones above.


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