How Do I Know What My Stuff Is Worth?

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How Do You Know What Your Stuff Is Worth?

Well... worth is a very complex word.  Items may be hold sentimental value to you and thus, you may think it has more worth to you.  However, on eBay there is no emotion & no one is tied to any item.  Buyers don't really care who handed it down to you or how long it's been in your family.  Heck, they usually don't even care what you paid for it.

So, I think this question should be... How Do You Know What Your Stuff Has Been Selling For On eBay Lately?

That is a question that can be answered easily.

Go To:

When you type in the item that you have, make sure where it says: Search Including, you click the COMPLETED LISTINGS button.

This shows you what that item has sold for in the last 15 to 30 days based on how often it was listed.

The items in Green sold & the items in Red didn't sell.


This will give you a realistic range of what your item will sell for on eBay.

If you find something that is a perfect match, it's always helpful to print it out when you bring your item to Kansas City Listing Service!


Kansas City Listing Service Team

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