Harley-Davidson fraud fake items and how to avoid them

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Hi there,  So you think you've just purchased a Genuine Harley-Davidson Official item product for a bargain off a seller on ebay?   

 Believe nothing you read or nothing you see without asking questions first!   

It's your right not to get ripped off ! 

 Everyday mainly new and old plus uninformed eBayer's are being ripped off by buying either Fake / Fraud / Counterfeit or homemade Harley Davidson items, or other such illegal items brought into the country illegally to sell to you..  

The main reason for this is sellers are what is called on eBay as 'Keyword Scamming' and 'Title Misrepresentation, basically using a companies name Harley-Davidson to guide you to their items and sell fraud items, to the highest bidder. This is also under fraud and all should be reported to eBay Customer Support and the police as it also is illegal with fines up to $200,000.00 and/or 2 years jail in Australia.

All of these items are found when putting in ebay's search box for 'Harley' or 'Harley Davidson' which eBay say should bring only up Genuine Harley Davidson items, but a search by me found 75 frauds on the first page, and 350 items all up.

Some dubious sellers of these items have them on a loop, whereas once the item finishes, it gets re listed all over again and again!  You find the item think it's a bargin and start a bidding war with others that think alike, someone buys the item only to find it relisted at a cheaper price once the auction ends.  Most of these sellers also start there auction low to start what is know as a 'Bidding War' the new eBayer sees the item, thinking there's only one, thus bids as it's only a low price and others follow suit.  

Most Genuine Official Harley Davidson items all carry a product number or Official Harley-Davidson tags, product numbers and if new come in the original Harley-Davidson packaging of course, whether it's a small item like a bandanna to a bigger item like a motor. All carry the (R) letter on the Bar and Shield Logo located under the left of the logo and have their specific H-D official item number, thus if you went to a H-D dealer and gave them that number they can tell you exactly what it is... We have all seen H-D T-Shirts but do they have the Genuine H-D tag on the collar?

Please Note: Extremely old H-D items may not carry these registered patented logo's..

So how do you avoid these con artists:     First ask questions, Lots of questions! many or nearly all new eBayer's don't, they see the sellers name like H.D. Jewelry and presume the seller is ridgy didge, WRONG! Anyone can call themselves whatever they like, just like you did when joining eBay.


Is this a Genuine Official Harley-Davidson Product, and can you tell me it's product number?                                                                

Is this item new? If so, does it come in it's unique Harley-Davidson Packaging?    

Obviously, If the seller does not answer your questions received or no product number can be given, or the item is new and does not come in original Harley-Davidson packaging,  congratulations your buying a fake fraud product, from a dubious seller who's ripping you off.

Do you notice an (R) for registered product under the patches, stickers, flags, etc, if so either the seller is committing major fraud, or it's Genuine, ask anyway to be sure.                                

(Remember it's okay for sellers to use the name 'Harley' alone as this isn't a Registered Company Name!

Next trick is offering you something completely different with a H.D. sticker which you don't even see!

The main items which are total fraud are:

GOLD / SILVER RINGS, JEWELRY, CHARMS : Earrings, watches cuff links etc, Franklin Mint are sellers of Genuine Harley Davidson Gold Rings, Silver rings, Bracelets, Earrings etc, so ask the seller if it's made by the Franklin Mint. Most jewelry looks like the seller has purchased the real one then made a mold to poor the silver or gold into. Also gold is worth around $600.00 so how can a ring which weighs much less be worth $2000 odd dollars?   For silver, see above!                                                                

Some items say official Harley-Davidson Logo, another play on words, I can draw a official Harley-Davidson Logo, but it's not made by the company.

FLAGS: The only Genuine Harley-Davidson flag came out about 25 years ago and is completely orange.Many fake flags are Black but use the H-D 'Bar and Shield Logo or Say 'Motor Company rather than Motorcycles' this are sold cheaply and made in Taiwan.

LEATHER GOODS: Some sellers use a play on words like 'Harley wallet Genuine leather' okay so it's only genuine leather, but nothing to do with being a Gen. Harley-Davidson product.  All Genuine Harley-Davidson Leather goods, wallet, jackets etc have the H.D. logo on the press studs, Not eagles or plain. 

NEON LIGHTS: These are bogus fraud and usually come from another country anyway, which means they do not have the voltage your country uses, and have different electrical plugs.  

BAR LAMPS:  Are lamps purchased by a seller and a H-D sticker added, then sold to you. So are some helmets.

CLOTHING: All Genuine Harley-Davidson Clothing has a big black TAG on the back of the inside of the neck Saying 'Official H.D. Clothing' also comes with a cardboard attachment tag, stating it's an official product, again the (R) under the bar and shield logo if on a leather jacket, T-Shirt, Bandanna, etc etc.

CRYSTAL AND LASER: Harley-Davidson like the flags do not make them.

PATCHES & STICKERS/DECALS: including 100th anniversary. Although some are genuine,   Genuine Harley Davidson Patches have the Logo printed all over the back of them, you can't miss it and the decals or stickers , have the official licensed product emblem and that (R) again.

STREET SIGNS:    Like Harley Street, Shovelhead Parking Only etc etc - Fake!

AFTERMARKET ITEMS Disguised as H.D. items:  Although numerous products are made by different companies for Harley-Davidson should not be in the title as Harley Davidson. Many buyers bid on items which are made by Custom Chrome / Drag Specialties or other products and put them down as Harley-Davidson Parts, there not! but if you see:                           4a Harley Davidson or to suit a Harley Davidson that's exactly what it means.

BELTS & BUCKLES: Buckles have the Official H.D. logo stamped into the back of them, belts are harder to determine if genuine, so always ask.

LIGHTERS: Genuine Harley-Davidson lighters are made by the Zippo Company for H.D.

But don't get upset, get even!   We have all fallen for these bogus rip off merchants and now you know. So please help me by sending your complaint to eBay's Customer Support or better still when you see these items again, click on the items, then click on the number of bidders and pass the message on!


Last Thought!

 Why does eBay allow these items and you the consumer to get ripped off ?

Well at an educated guess, if they take out all the fraud fakes, there would not be many left, and then eBay  would not get paid. eBay ask people to report frauds and when you do they say "Please treat eBay as a Trading Post Magazine" where we have no control over sellers listings.... Question: Why have numerous places to contact eBay customer Support  regards these items for?  well I suppose they'll suspend me now or hit my store and delete heaps of items like they have targeted me before.

I have taken the time to inform you of this information so please be so kind to Vote ‘Yes’ below if this guide was of any interest or help for you.....

Or you can contact me regards any other help through eBay’s ‘Ask the Seller a question’
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