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Hello all E-bay friends.

Several people including myself have purchased a fake The North Face Jacket off of E-bay! I have found a few guidelines to help you tell the difference.

1. The fake jacket only comes with one tag attached. It is a red tag and has The North Face written on it and also a price. The real jacket tag comes with 2 to 3 tags! Make sure that the tag reads north face denali jacket instead of Five Boroughs jacket etc...  E-bay sellers of fake North Face Jackets are stealing the tags from real jackets that don't match and attaching them to thier fake one's!

3. Look at the inside stitching of the jacket. The real North Face Jacket has no skips in stitching just smooth zig zag stitching! The real jacket also has no threads hanging that have been cutt due to the machine skipping! The seams of the inside (under the arms)of a real north face jacket are basted together with one complete stick instead of several off line stitches. A real Jacket is made with great guality all seams are faced perfectly.

4. The fleece on the Real North Face Jacket is fuzzy like fleece would be. The fake fleece has a slick feel to it and is almost smooth. The smooth stuff is not water proof anf will not keep you warm!

5. Sometimes the Fake jacket has a very heavy odor due to the fake fleece it is made out of.

6.  Ask the seller if it is real or fake! If real they respond, if fake they ignore you! They are paying $10.00 at the Chinese market for these and then selling them for $100.00 plus dollars!

7.  Look at what other items the seller is selling! Most of the fake ones are for sale along side of fake football jersey's, purses and other items that you feel might be fake!

8. Most of the sellers of fake jackets have a business name like jerseyconnections or something similar and they are selling a bunch of these jackets.

9. Usually the seller does not put in listing that it is 100% authentic. Therefore ask them before you by so that if it is fake once you recieve it, you can report then to the E-bay investigators!

10.  If all this information does not help go to thenorthfaceguru online and register! Hope this helps some of you avoid being SCAMMED!

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