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Breitling watches considerate to be luxuries wristwatches, mostly recognized as a symbol for pilots, their unique style and beautiful selection made them very popular among watch collectors.
Therefore they became a target in the industry of fake watches, and there are many fake Breitling in the market. Although, many of the replicas look very similar to the authentic brand, there are few ways to detect if the watch you are about to purchase is a fake Breitling or the real deal.

Find out how you can spot a genuine Breitling from a replica with a few easy inspections

Replicas are never painted with the same level of precision that the genuine watch will be and by examining the colors of the watch carefully you can tell the difference between a genuine Breitling and a replica.


1. Logo
Look at the Breitling logo on the watch face. A genuine Breitling dial has a perfect Breitling anchor on the second hand, and the image of the logo is a clear image of wings. While on some of the fake Breitling appears an imperfect second hand anchor, and a blurred fuzzy logo.  The logo of a genuine Breitling is engraved on the face of the watch while on a Fake Breitling the logo is printed.
2. Spelling
A misspelling on a Breitling is a very common sign that the watch is a replica, Check for spelling. The misspelling can be either on the watch itself the face of the watch the strap or on the case. A real Breitling watch will never show any signs of misspelling and will be accurate.
3. The printing
The printing on the face should be clear and sharp. Fake Breitling watches often feature poorly produced lettering on the watch face. When examining a dial under a loupe, you will notice that fakes have poor fuzzy lettering and the quality of the printing is very poor.
4. Chronograph sub dial
A fake Breitling that have a chronograph sub dial, may appear like working as a chronograph but actually functions as a calendar showing the dates. Or might have a chronograph dial that simply does not work, A genuine Breitling has a Chronograph sub dial and does not show the days of the week or month.



The strap of a genuine Breitling features the model number. The lettering on leather-strapped models is printed on the watch, in case of a bracelet-strapped the lettering of the model is etched. The stitching on leather-strapped models should be even. A replica Breitling will show uneven stitching edges or poorly spaced stitching, or simply not show any sign that indicate the model number.


when buying a Breitling watch online, you need to make sure that the photos are high quality. If the photos are blurry, dark, small, or otherwise imperfect, ask for photos that show a clear and bright image of the watch, if the seller refuses to provide additional photos or is vague with answers to your questions He might be hiding watch defects.


Genuine Breitling delivered to the buyer with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Make sure to ask for a Certificate of Authenticity. If the dealer cannot provide the document, it’s probably a fake watch.


Keep in mind that Breitling watches are luxuries timepiece, and they can be much more expensive than other brands. So when you find the Breitling you were looking for and happened to find the perfect deal, try not be dazzled by the price and examine the watch closely before your closing the deal.

Remember sometimes when the deal seams to good to be true it usually is!!!
Good luck …


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