Getting Acrylic Paint out of Clothes or Carpet !!EASY!!

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Getting Acrylic Paint out of Clothes or Carpet !!EASY!!
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Spilling paint on your clothes doesn't have to be a nightmare!

No more throwing those outfits away! It's simple and easy do get acrylic paint out of clothes and carpets.....     If you are a rose painter, like I am, then I'm sure you've splattered, squirted, speckled or spilled your acrylic paints on yourself at least once.  Well, I have the simple solution......
  • As soon as you noticed you've got paint on yourself.....
  • Squirt a dime size amount of Hand Sanitizer onto the area and let it soak in
  • Then gentle rub it in a circular motion making sure to work it into the fabric
  • Dab the area with a bit of water on a rag, then wipe clean
  • If the paint is still in more of the hand sanitizer and wipe clean
  • When all the paint is gone, quirt more of the Hand Sanitizer onto the area and let it dry
The area should be wet now with no paint color visible.  I have used this tried and true method for years now with no problems what-so-ever.  It really, truthfully works!  Before I use this method, I would wear a painting shirt/smock/apron and now I just wear my regular every day clothes to paint in.  Yah, every once in awhile I get some paint splattered on my jeans but, I keep a pump bottle of hand sanitizer right next to my painting supplies and use it when necessary.  You can buy hand sanitizers anywhere they sell soap. It comes in a pump or small travel size bottle.  It's the stuff that you can use instead of soap when you're on the go and don't have any water. It's made from isopropyl alchol and will evaporate out of your clothes with minutes.  Works great for carpets/rugs too!

Happy Painting!!

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