Farber Bros Vs. Farberware

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There is a big misconception out there in the collecting and antique communities that Farber Brothers Krome-Kraft ® line is considered Farberware. Farber Brothers the company was started in 1915 by two brothers Louis and Harry Farber.They manufactured the Krome-Kraft® line of products.The two did initially work for their other brother, Simon's firm S.W.Farber company who manufactured products under the trade name FARBERWARE®.They quickly gained the recocgnition in the buying public and some say surpassed their other brother's firm.In the twenties it was common to find their ad in between two ads by Simon's company.If you see Glassware with the Farber Brothers patented clip-on/ clip-off holder you can be sure it is Farber Brothers' Krome -Kraft® and not FARBERWARE®.I am including a Picture of a Farber Brother  Krome-Kraft® Cocktail Shaker, a FARBERWARE® Cocktail Shaker, and   Krome -Kraft® Cocktail set with Cambridge Glass Inserts .See my other eBay ®  guide regarding Farber Brothers Vs. United Chromium for clarification on the patented clip-on/ clip-off holder inserts with Cambridge Glass.
 Farber Brother  Krome-Kraft® Cocktail Shaker pictured above and 
 FARBERWARE® Cocktail Shaker pictured below.

 Farber Brothers' Krome-Kraft® Cocktail set with Amber Cambridge Glass Inserts pictured below.

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