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Please Read this Short Informative Guide to Learn About MURANO GLASS -->

Before You are Tricked by Unscrupulous Sellers of FAKE MURANO GLASS -

please know:

MURANO or ITALIAN or VENETIAN ART GLASS is made in one place - Murano Italy -

Murano is a group of 5 Islands - an Archipelago of Islands linked by Bridges - in the Venice Lagoon

Murano is about one mile north of Venice - located in Northeast Italy

Since the 13th century, superbly talented glass artists have been blowing and creating exquisite art glass in Murano.  The skill and talent of these Italian artists is extraordinary, and their creations, over many centuries, are very beautiful and distinctive.

Highly collectible, and widely sought after, these lovely creations are copied by many, many less skilled, much less talented, far less experienced blowers in other countries, particularly China.

You will see all kinds of so-called "Murano Glass" offered on ebay which was/is not made in Italy.  They may call it "Murano Style" or "Murano Design" or "Murano" or "Venetian" or "Roman"  or "Italian" or "Italy" or even include pictures of Italy - but that does NOT mean that these pieces are actually Made in Italy.

Sometimes a seller will offer one or two real Murano items along with 5O to many hundreds of pieces of fake Murano glass. - Be Careful

Warning to Perfume Bottle Collectors:

There are thousands of fake Murano perfume bottles for sale - on ebay and in stores around the United States.  They look far better in photos than they do in person.  These junky pieces are made in China and, often, the stoppers/tops are plastic, not glass.

You will also see some sellers of fake Murano glass (made in China) writing ridiculous things about Murano glass being produced in other countries besides Italy.  This is complete fantasy.  For example - an American Glass Artist studies with a famous Murano Glass Master in Murano, Italy, learning his techniques, color combinations and forms.  After studying with this Italian Glass Master, he returns to the United States and proceeds to make glass pieces employing the techniques, color combinations and forms he learned in Italy.  Does he call his work Murano Glass?  Of course not!  He made these pieces in America, not in Italy - so his work is American - from the United States.  His work is NOT Murano. 


Unfortunately there are many dishonest sellers on eBay who claim their items are something they are not.  If you want junky, cheap, poorly made pieces of FAKE Murano glass (including vases, paperweights, bowls, flowers, purse and handbag vases, candle holders, hat vessels, birds, clowns, animals, sailboats, perfume bottles, and much more), you will find thousands of these inferior items on eBay.

They are not made in Murano.

They are not Venetian.

They are not Italian.

They are not Roman.

They are mass produced in China.

Just type in Murano Glass or Italian Glass and You will get lists of Hundreds (perhaps Thousands) of supposed Italian Art Glass items (many not from Italy!) with MURANO and/or ITALIAN and/or ROMAN in the Titles - Most of these pieces are Made in China!

In some listings - in very small print - You might see - if you look carefully - a phrase saying that these items:


But Most Sellers of FAKE MURANO Glass Never Admit that they are Selling Glass Made in CHINA

Many sellers will never disclose the accurate origin of these pieces.  It is a great shame that so many sellers choose to continuously and purposely try to trick buyers rather than revealing the true origin of their offerings.

Buyer Beware!


Glass that is called "Murano style" or "Murano Design" or "Italian style" is NOT made in Italy - and the quality is often sadly lacking.  Please be aware of the many sellers pretending to offer/sell real Murano glass.  They will try everything they can to trick you, so you must read and learn all you can to prevent this.

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Please see my Comprehensive Guides about Identifying Murano Glass and read how the Sellers offering FAKE MURANO Glass make most of their profits - by clicking on the links below:


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A knowledgeable buyer is a smart buyer.

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