Ebay How To embed free Images for your Auction

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An auction without images is most often not very successfull, images hosted with Ebay get expensive very fast especially if you use the XXL picture service. There is an possibillity to use external Image Hosters. There you may upload your pictures , most often for free, to the service providers server. You will get HTML codes for your disposal, to embed your images in the auction description. One of those codes could look like following one, <a href="http://www.yourimagehost.com/?img=23002"><img src="http://www.yourimagehost.com/23002.jpg"></a>. Where the first part of the code is the address of your image at the host, the second one starting with <img is the picture, most often in an smaller format, called thumbnail, which is then displayed inside your auction as an clickable preview. By clicking on it the customer will be forwarded to your image in fullsize at the host provider. Most image hosters wont allow to embed your pictures in fullsize at the auction page as this uses very much bandwith, they will offer you an smaller version to link from your auction which leads to the fullsize picture by clicking. The disadvantage about is that the user got one more click to see your fullsize picture, but there are also advantages of linking in smaller images, your auction page will load faster because of the smaller file size, and those preview pictures are maybe big enough that an interested person gets an good impression and just got to load the bigger image for details. To embed your codes, you will have to mark the entire code with your mouse by running over it with the cursor, those marked line will now turn blue, at least it will show that it is marked. Following you right click with your mouse on the marked line and use " copy " from the popped up menu. be sure you copy the whole code line. Then you will go to your auction page description, switch to HTML mode for the editor, this is absolutely fundamental, because if you paste the code while beeing in text mode, the code will just show up as an regular text line and not beeing interpreted as HTML. So switch to HTML mode, then again right click with your mouse at the place you lately want the image to show up and choose " paste " from the menu. Now the code code should be copied inside your description. Switch to text mode with the editor and you should see at least the preview image, if it is not yet clickable, this is no error, it will be clickable when your auction goes live. You may now repeat this procedure for as many pictures as you need to give your auction an boost for an successfull sale. There are image hosts out there which allow to link to an whole gallery, this saves work on linking one image after another, to mention one of these, Photo Album 2Day - Ebay Picture Host at http://www.photoalbum-2day.com. Hope you like the small How To and it is meant for Beginners, as advanced PC Users sure know how to mark Text / Code Lines with their computers.
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