Custom Computer vs Name Brand Store Bought Computer

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I am a independent computer technician, i have been building computer systems since the early 90s. i try explaining this to all my customers, nothing beats a custom built computer system and here's why,,

Name brand store bought systems:
     Sure they come with all kinds of software packages that you will probably play around with for a week before it just sits there taking up HD and desktop space. Alot of software being installed on new computers are also DEMOs, or software that expires after XX amount of days, Forget about being able to upgrade later on enless you plan on replacing the whole system with another store bought computer. You really don't need to replace the whole computer to upgrade! Alot of features are integrated on the motherboard and/or are cheap performance eating devices, but they do look good on paper.  They look so pretty! Ya know i understand that the computer is becoming regular house-hold appliance but they are not the only ones with the pretty cases. Unfortunetly everything is so damn expensive nowadays that people need to have payment plans, and/or cheap computers(that's exactly what you get... a CHEAP computer). There is alot of hidden costs, misleading information when dealing with these units as well.

Custom Built Computers:
     Okay, sometimes they do cost more initially but when you need a faster computer you will be paying less to upgrade! Contact a local computer builder, don't have one email me i would be happy to build something for you and utilize the selling power of ebay to get it to you. Anyway, custom computers; they are built for what you plan to use it for. Gaming PCs -- Home Theatre PCs -- MINI PCs -- Car-Puters and more all can be made specifically for your use, with the features YOU want. These custom computers have more expansion options, and can be upgraded more easily than store bought computers. In all systems i build i use name brand components such as Seagate, Maxtor, ASUS, Abit, NVidia, Intel, AMD, etc. All pieces carry manufacturers' warranties as well. All 'reliable' systems builders use all new parts as well, not parts that were sitting around and are already outdated. The many designs for computer cases out there why have what everyone else has; You can have a computer system no-one has every seen before. I personally also do case modding for example, hand cut custom case windows, totally custom computer cases, custom paint, special cooling systems, case lighting, etc. Buy a custom computer system built for you and you will be able to upgrade easily, inexpensively, and you will have it for a long long time.

Also, with custom computer systems you have a choice with what parts to use, and what operating system to use. I personally deal with Windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.

STAY away from store bought computers! They are sitting on the shelf, probably were outdated when they were released and have been sitting on the shelf for months so even more OUTDATED! Buy something you can grow with and it will keep up with your growth! BUY A CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTER!  This goes for laptops too..

Console games are getting EXPENSIVE get a computer system and have even more power to play games and you can still do work on them if you ever wanted to! OR if those console gaming companies were smart... make a kit to transform their console system into a computer! A expansion pack consisting of a harddrive, keyboard, mouse and they could bundle it with one of those Open Source operating systems like Linux, etc.

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