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If you have a Chrysler manufactured after 1998 then you probably have a RFID SENTRY COMPUTER CHIP TRANSPONDER KEY.  This includes the 300, CIRRUS, CONCORDE CROSSFIRE, NEON, LHS, 300M, PACIFICA, PT CRUISER, SEBRING, TOWN & COUNTRY AND VOYAGER.

Most Chrysler vehicles manufactured since 1998 have a computer chip ignition key system that was installed by Chrysler at the factory.  The keys that fit this system are sometimes referred to as a chip key, a RFID key, a Sentry Key, or a PATS key.  This is strictly a factory system and not available as an aftermarket add on. 

If the head of your Chrysler key is GRAY in color then it is a computer chip key.  If the head of the key is BLACK then it is NOT a computer chip key.

Even though it is referred to by different names, they are all talking about the same thing.  They do come is different sizes and shapes.  They are not interchangable.  You must have the correct computer chip key for your vehicle. 

The purpose of the computer chip key is to let your car, truck or SUV know that the correct key is being used to start the vehicle.  The key sends a radio signal to the vehicle.  That signal must "match" the signal that has been programmed into your vehicle.  If the signal does not match, then your vehicle will not start. 

Computer chip keys have substantially decreased the theft rates of vehicles equipped with these systems.  A thief can not "hot wire" a vehicle equipped with a computer chip system.  You can only start the vehicle if you have the correct programmed key. 

By the way, theft rates of vehicles NOT equipped with computer chip keys have risen dramatically since fewer vehicles are available for the bad guys to steal.  We have actually seen some of the same vehicles now being stolen again and again. 

So there are some real benefits to the computer chip key systems.  Your insurance rates are lower because the vehicle has less of a chance of being stolen. 

You probably never knew you even had a computer chip key for your vehicle.  They do tell you about these keys in the owners manual--but most folks do not read the owners manual. 

The first time you usually find out about these special keys is when you lose one of them and try to have it replaced.  You will find that your local hardware store or home improvement stores do not have these keys.  They will tell you that you must go to the dealer to get another key.

When you show up at the dealer you will go into sticker shock as they tell you that another key will cost you over $100 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS) in many cases.   And that's if you already have a key already.

If you lose all of your keys then you will need to have the vehicle towed to the dealer.  That will cost you a towing bill, plus about a $250 service department bill.  In addition you will be without your vehicle for a day and have to make arrangements to go and pick it up when the new keys are made. 

There is a solution that is much less expensive and will save you at least $100 dollars.  You should ALWAYS have at least THREE (working) keys available for your Chrysler vehicle. 

There is a very valid reason for having three keys.  If you lose one of the keys you will still have two left.  That may not sound like a big deal, but it takes two working keys to be able to SELF PROGRAM additional keys to your Chrysler vehicle. 

You can purchase additional keys from me on eBay for less than $30 for most vehicles.  Take the key to the local hardware store and get it cut for about $2.  Then follow the self programming procedures in  your owner's manual to add the keys to your vehicle.  If you don't have an owner's manual, don't worry, because I do include the self programming procedures with the keys that I send out. 

So if you have two keys then you should order at least one extra key from me.

If you have screwed up (or purchased a new vehicle) and now have only one working key then you should order two extra keys from me.  Take one of my keys and your vehicle to the dealer and have it programmed.  They will charge you for this.  You will then have two working keys and you will be able to self program additional keys with the instructions that I provide.  But you will still save money as well as time trouble and aggravation. 


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