Buying Selling and Collecting Miniature Liquor bottles

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Buying Selling and Collecting Miniature Liquor bottles
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Updated 3/24/2013

If you have found this page because you are selling a collection then please contact me.  If you can, send a few photos of  groups of 10-15 bottles.  This will help me determine the value, age and condition of the collection.  My email address is miniatureliquorbottles(@ symbol)  Where (@ symbol) is replace the parentheses and everything inside with @.


Attention Sellers of Miniature Liquor bottles

Have you recently inherited a collection of mini liquor bottles?  Maybe a family member has a miniature liquor decanter collection and now you are responsible for selling the bottle collection.  Well, you have come to the right place.  I have been buying miniature liquor bottle collections since 2001.

At this time I am buying pre prohibition mini liquor bottles.  Also, I am buying miniature liquor bottle collections from the 1930's to the 1950's.  In addition I am buying any mini liquor decanter collections that I can find.  I have recently started buying old miniature whiskey jugs.  If you have miniature Lionstone, Ski Country, Garnier, McCormick, Hoffman, Grenadier, Drioli, Famous Firsts, Isaiah, Luxardo, Schafer and Vater, or any other brand of mini liquor decanters, please contact me.

Attention Collectors of Miniature Liquor bottles

If you collect miniature or mini Liquor, Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, Cognac, Liqueur, Brandy, Tequila, Scotch Whisky, Rum, this is for you.  I have been selling on ebay since 2001.  I feel like I have become one on the premier sellers of miniature liquor bottles on the internet.  My store is full of bottles that you do not see everyday and my auctions provide collectors the chance to buy that bottle they have always wanted in their collection.  Search for Miniature bottle Store in your favorite search engine (G O O G L E) and you will find me.

There are many things to consider when buying a mini liquor bottle.  Here are a few.

  1. Full or not Full?  The bottle seems to be worth more if it is full.  There is just something about looking at the label and seeing the liquor in the background.
  2. Label Condition:  Is the label stained, torn, scuffed or dirty.  the better the label, the better the bottle.
  3. Tax stamp?  Bottles from the early 80's back have tax stamps.  As with everything the tax stamps changed over time and this helps date the bottle.  Also, it assures the buyer that the bottle is sealed.  Some foreign bottles and wines most often do not have tax stamps.
  4. Age of the bottle:  There are a lot of ways to determine the age.  The state tax stamp, the label, the shape of the bottle.  As you collect, you will learn how to determine all of these items.  There are some books, not many, but they can help.

Someitmes collectors determine that they want to collect a certain liquor or brand etc.  I have several buyers that collect only whiskey and others that collect only vodka.  It sort of becomes a romance for the collector.  There are thousands upon thousand of vodka minis, whiskey minis, gin minis and the list goes on and on.  Some collectors worked at or lived by a distillery and every bottle in their collection, from that distillery holds a special place in their heart.  Do you drink only vodka?  Then collect Vodka mini bottles.  Same thing goes for whiskey.

Once you decide, then try to learn about all of your bottles.  Where they were made, the history of the company, any special spokes person or ties to a war etc.?   Also, when was the bottle first made?

All brands change their labels over time and liquor bottles are no exception.  Sure it is nice to have an Old Grand Dad bottle in your collection, but do you have all the variations?  This can be a lot of fun.  Is the print on a label different?  Was it made for an Airlines?  Airline bottles can drive a collector to new heights of craziness.  Does it have a label in a foreign language?  There is so much to find out about just one bottle that you will soon find yourself telling anyone that will listen about all of your bottles.  Now back to info for sellers...

As a seller on ebay it is imperative that you be honest, friendly and quick with your shipping.  It is never a good idea to mislead your customers because they will never come back.  My goal is to have customers for life and not just one time.  If the customer is not happy then I will do everything I can (within reason) to make things right.

If you are buying from a seller for the first time look at their feedback.  Do they have repeat customers?  Do they have negative feedback?  If so, why?  Sometimes it is hard to please everyone and negative feedback does not mean that the seller is bad.







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