A List Of Houseplants For A Terrarium Or Bottle Garden

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Here's a list of houseplants that are suitable for a terrarium or a bottle garden. Scientific name is listed first, followed by the common name in parenthesis. Want to know HOW to make a bottle garden or a terrarium? (It's easy!) See How

  • Acorus (Sweet Flag)
  • ALL carnivorous plants
  • Begonia rex (small-leaf varieties)
  • Calathea species (Zebra Plant, Peacock Plant, Rattlesnake Plant)
  • Cryptanthus (Earth Star, Green Earth Star, Rainbow Star)
  • Dracaena sanderiana (Ribbon Plant)
  • Ficus pumila, Ficus reptens (Creeping Fig, Trailing Fig)
  • Fitonia species (Snakeskin Plant, Little Snakeskin Plant, Nerve Plant, Little Nerve Plant, Painted Net Leaf, Silver Net Leaf)
  • Hedera helix (small-leaf varieties)
  • Helxine soleirolii (Mind Your Own Business Plant, Baby's Tears)
  • Hoya bella (Miniature Wax Plant)
  • Kohleria amabilis (Tree Gloxinia)
  • Maranta species (Herringbone Plant, Rabbit's Tracks, Prayer Plant)
  • Neanthe bella (Parlor Palm)
  • Pellionia (Watermelon Pellionia, Satin Pellionia)
  • Peperomia species
  • Pilea (Creeping Charlie, Creeping Jenny, Aluminum Plant, Friendship Plant, Artillery Plant)
  • Saxifraga sarmentosa (Mother of Thousands, Magic Carpet)
  • Selaginella (Creeping Moss, Peacock Fern, Spreading Clubmoss, Resurrection Plant)
  • small ferns

Plants with one or more of the following in their scientific names MAY be suitable:

  • abbreviatus (shortened)
  • brevis (short)
  • forma minor (dwarf form)
  • humilis (low growing)
  • micro (small)
  • minimus (very small)
  • minor (small)
  • nanus (dwarf)
  • parcus (small)
  • pumilus (dwarfish)
  • repens (creeping)

Remember, plants for a terrarium or a bottle garden need to like humidity!

You can buy houseplants on eBay! See Plants!

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