6 Benefits of Installing a Spoiler on Your Car

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6 Benefits of Installing a Spoiler on Your Car

From adding a new exhaust system to buying high-quality tires, car lovers invest both the time and money needed to ensure their cars have the best accessories, parts, and overall style. Whether they own luxury cars, sports cars, or compact cars, conscientious drivers always strive to improve their vehicle’s speed, fuel efficiency, performance, and style. One way drivers are doing this is by installing spoilers on their cars.

The spoiler was first popularized by sports and racing cars in the 1970s, and today, this add-on can be spotted on all types of cars. While adding a spoiler to a vehicle certainly does add some unique style, car owners do it for other reasons. Before examining the benefits of installing a car spoiler, it would be wise first to learn about how car spoilers work and the different types on the market.

How Car Spoilers Work

Spoilers are added to cars and other vehicles to make them more aerodynamic. Most are attached to the back of the vehicle, above the trunk, on the rear window, on the roof, or on the front. Various types and the positioning of a spoiler can do different things to improve a vehicle’s performance. However, the main reason people install these gadgets is to allow for better airflow over and around the vehicle, which in turn, creates better grip or traction on the road. Vehicles that run at high speeds often encounter control problems because, at high speeds, the increased airflow creates too much lift, which can be especially dangerous when the vehicle makes a turn, as this can make it fly off the road and lose control.

One solution would be to increase the weight of the vehicle to keep it on the ground. However, this causes the car to slow down and consume more fuel. Additionally, when it comes to racing cars, manufacturers cannot afford to add additional weight that can reduce the car’s speed. Therefore, carmakers need a way to counter the lift without adding more weight. A spoiler can reduce this lift without the need for more weight. These devices change the airflow going over the car to increase the downward pressure, essentially pushing the car down to counter the lift. Creating the right mix of lift and downward force can keep the car relatively stable while still maintaining high speeds.

Types of Spoilers

There are various types of aftermarket spoilers available today in various designs and types of materials. However, perhaps the best way to categorize spoilers is where they are mounted on the vehicle, as this also determines how they can improve a vehicle's performance. The chart below summarizes the common types:

Type of Spoiler


Pedestal Spoiler

A popular type of spoiler found in the rear of a car, on top of the trunk; improves stability while adding a stylish look

Front Spoiler

Added to the front of the car to lessen the drag created by rear spoilers; blocks any unstable air currents from entering the chassis; also called an air dam

Lip Spoiler

Smaller and sleeker than regular rear spoilers; usually added for aesthetics, but can be useful in reducing lift at higher speeds


A type of spoiler seen on race cars and some customized street cars; much larger than regular rear spoilers and mounted on a bracket or pedestal; generates a down force that creates a drag to stabilize the vehicle

Most car owners add spoilers to their cars to create a sporty look associated with race cars. Many types add a sleek and stylish form to the vehicle, but people who drive in the city or suburbs under 70 mph may not see any immediate changes. However, people who do serious highway driving can benefit most from adding spoilers.

The Many Benefits of a Car Spoiler

Installing a spoiler on a vehicle provides a variety of benefits for owners. The main benefits, perhaps, are for better traction and to add a sporty look, but also include other advantages, such as increased fuel efficiency, added visibility, reduced vehicle weight, and braking stability.

Benefit 1: Maintain Traction

The main benefit of installing a spoiler on a vehicle is to help it maintain traction at very high speeds. When a vehicle goes very fast (over 70 mph), the air pressure can lift the car, which makes it difficult to maneuver the car without the danger of having it spin out of control. Rear spoilers, in particular, push the back of the car down so the tires can grip the road better and increase stability.

Benefit 2: Increase Fuel Efficiency

Front car spoilers or air dams can increase gas mileage in some cars. Since these types of spoilers reduce the drag, instead of increasing it, by pushing the air around the vehicle, it does lower the amount of energy, or fuel, the car needs to burn to propel itself forward.

Benefit 3: Added Visibility

Another advantage of installing a rear spoiler on a vehicle is the added visibility, which means other drivers on the road can easily see the vehicle to help prevent rear-end collisions and other types of accidents. Certain spoilers, such as trunk cap spoilers, even have brake lights at eye level so the driver behind can easily be alerted when the vehicle is slowing down or braking.

Benefit 4: Reduce Weight

Believe it or not, a spoiler can reduce the weight of a vehicle. While this may seem counterintuitive, it makes sense in a way. The only thing keeping a vehicle stable on the road is its weight. Perhaps that is why many people have this perception that SUVs are much safer because their heavier mass keeps them steady. However, having a spoiler means that the car manufacturer can reduce the weight of the vehicle by using lighter materials or doing away with unnecessary weight without the worry that driving at high speeds causes the car to become unsteady and fly off the highway.

Benefit 5: Create a Stylish Look

Most car owners install spoilers as a fashion accessory, and spoilers do a pretty good job of making a vehicle look cool. This idea first became popular in the 1970s, when Porsche introduced the 911 Turbo, which featured whale tail spoilers on the back. Today, many cars come with built-in spoilers to evoke that sporty look, though many aftermarket spoilers are available for a wide variety of car makes and models.

Benefit 6: Increase Braking Stability

Adding spoilers that raise the downward force on the back of the vehicle not only increases traction, but the braking ability as well. Drivers have an easier time braking, even at high speeds, making driving even safer.

Buying a Spoiler on eBay Motors

Buyers looking to install spoilers on their cars should look no further than eBay Motors. This site is devoted to all things motor vehicles. Aside from car-related items, eBay Motors can also offer buyers useful services and information.

Finding a Spoiler on eBay Motors

To find a spoiler on eBay Motors, you can use the search box on any page, just like on the regular eBay site. However, going directly to eBay Motors ensures that the search engine only looks for items related to cars. For example, searching for "chrome spoilers" yields results for vehicle-related items and removes results from other categories, such as guitar string spoilers. Another advantage of going directly to eBay Motors is that you can also use the "Find a part or accessory" search function to specify the year, make, and model of your vehicle for a more precise search.

Stay Up-to-Date with the eBay Motors Blog

Aside from helping buyers find the right type of vehicle or accessory, buyers can learn about the latest news and updates in the industry with the eBay Motors Blog. This section features interesting news, feature articles, and tips from experts that all vehicle enthusiasts surely enjoy. You can also add your two cents after each blog post and join in the lively discussions and friendly debates in the comments section.


A spoiler is a car accessory that changes the aerodynamics of a car. It is usually a separate device added to the rear of a vehicle, though there are some types of spoilers that are added to the front bumper. There are many different types of spoilers today, but they can be best classified according to where they are positioned on the car. These types of spoilers include pedestal spoilers, front spoilers, lip spoilers, and wings.

Adding a spoiler to a car is not all about looks. While many people may sneer at fancy spoilers on street cars, these do provide other advantages. There are six different benefits to installing a spoiler on a car, including added traction, increased fuel efficiency, added visibility, reduced weight, an enhanced style, and increased braking ability. With thousands of items being listed at any given time, buyers can surely find the right type of spoilers they
need on eBay Motors.

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