5 Tips for Buying Bed Sheets

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5 Tips for Buying Bed Sheets

A good quality bed sheet can assist the buyer in getting a great night's sleep. It is often the last thing a buyer sees at night and the first thing they see in the morning. The bed sheet that is right for the buyer is a very personal choice. Buyers can obtain sheets at many different locations including department stores, big box stores, and on eBay.. As the buyer considers which sheet meets their needs, they should consider these tips on choosing the right fabric type, weave, thread count, and right color.

Consider Fabric

When it is time to buy new sheets, a buyer should consider the fabric content. Sheets are made from a variety of natural and manmade materials.


Silk sheets are naturally cooling, allowing the buyer to stay comfortable all night long. Silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, making them an outstanding choice for allergy sufferers. The best silk sheets are made from mulberry silk, which is very durable. The higher the momme weight of the sheet, the better the quality.


Polyester sheets are generally the cheapest. These sheets tend to be scratchy and stiff. Polyester does not breathe like a natural fabric which may lead to more sweating at night.


Grown without the use of pesticides, bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and available in a variety of colors. It is important to launder these sheets on a delicate cycle and air dry when possible because they are not extremely durable.


Cotton sheets naturally whisk moisture away from the body, are soft against the skin, and release dirt easily when washed. The longer the thread length, the softer the sheet is and the longer it lasts. Cotton does not pill and remains lint-free. The disadvantage is that they wrinkle easily. The chart details the types of cotton sheets and their benefits.

Type of Cotton


Egyptian Cotton

Uses threads that are 1 3/8 inches long to produce soft fabric

Very durable


More threads on the surface of the sheet than under

Less durable

Very silky texture

Cotton and Polyester Blend

Durable and resists wrinkling

Does not whisk away moisture as effectively


Made from any cotton grown in the US, Australia, or India

Shorter fibers gives less softness

Less durable than those made with longer fibers


Made from cotton grown in southern US

Longer fibers than prima, more durable, and soft

It is important to consider the different types of fabrics and choose the one that fits the buyer's needs the best. Each type of fabric has advantages and disadvantages.

Consider Thread Count

Except for sheets made from silk, the higher the thread count, the better the sheet. This count can vary between 150 and 1500. Manufacturers arrive at this number by counting the number of threads in one square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric, and the more durable the sheet is.

Consider the Weave

The fabric weave determines how the individual threads are put together. It is important for the buyer to determine what characteristics they want and then pick the weave that best meets their needs.


Made of cotton, different thicknesses of flannel sheets are available. The heavier the weave, the more warmth the sheet provides.


Sheets that have the same number of threads over and under have the percale weave. These sheets are made with combed and carded cotton, although often lower quality cotton is used. The advantage is that they are usually very crisp.


Satin sheets , made with very thin threads that are tightly woven together, are not very durable. Since the threads used in the satin weave are very thin, it is crucial that the thread count be high.

Consider the Color

People react differently to different colors. Buyers should try looking at the sheet in the same lighting that is found in their bedrooms, as different fabrics reflect different amounts of light. In addition, try looking at the color the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning to determine if it is a color the buyer really likes.

How to Buy Bed Sheets

When buying new sheets, buyers can head to eBay.. Just type relevant keywords into the conveniently located search box on any eBay page. For instance, you can type in "cotton bed sheets&" or silk bed sheets.." Once you have located possible choices, make sure to read the product description carefully and be sure to buy the right size. Bed sheets come in a variety of fabrics, weaves, and colors, but keeping these tips in mind ensures that you are getting the best ones to meet your needs.

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