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About Hipster Glasses

Hipster glasses give off a cool, indie vibe that practically screams, "I remember this band before it was cool." Thick black glasses used to be part of the standard "nerd" uniform, but just like suspenders, loose-fitting cardigans, and high-waist pants, hipsters have transformed them from geek to chic. Black hipster glasses make you blend in while sipping a flat white in a trendy cafe, attending a reading at an independent book shop, or listening to an underground band play in a hole-in-the-wall bar. Even if those are not your ideas of fun, you can still look the part. Thick rims are a must. Choose classic black frames, or show off your personality in colors like red, pink, blue, or tortoiseshell. Wayfarers and circles are the common frame shapes. Just because you have perfect vision does not mean you cannot rock the hipster look. Clear lens hipster glasses offer UV protection with clear lenses, letting you take the look from inside to outside. From classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarers to retro nerd-style frames, sellers on eBay offer many different styles of hipster glasses. Browse for great deals on new, used, and vintage frames and sunglasses.