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About Dyson Animal

Summer making you crazy with its awful combination of mind-numbing heat and plumes of shredded hair from your pets? Dyson Animal is aptly named because its most thankful customers are pet parents whose handheld vacuums which were supposedly meant for getting rid of hair in the upholstery always broke. Ask any plumber and he'll shake and nod his head at the same time. Hair is destructive. It can ruin your plumbing and your vacuums. While you can blame your mother-in-law for not controlling her hairfall, can you blame your dog or cat or guinea pig? Not hardly. If you ever decide to survey who buys their Dyson Handheld Animal models on eBay, the bar chart results would probably spike for pet owners. This product is fast gaining a reputation of quality and power. Dyson Animal and its ball technology is a lion king among vacuums. You simply don't have to sweat all day trying to get rid of all that hair, and your time is better spent having fun with your pets rather than cursing the day you got them.