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(•¿•)YOU MAKE(•¿•)BUYERS(•¿•)LOOK GOOD(•¿•)
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Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
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Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
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Top Notch Customer A++++++
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Awesome buyer! Prompt payment & easy communication.
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A++++++ BUYER!!
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SA Designs SA186 Book - How To Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions TH400
Aug 16, 2018
Pretty pictures, lacking actual information. In this case, pictures are not louder than words.
Not very descriptive, and missing key information and instructions. Missing things like parts exploded views, actual procedural info. Very picture heavy. Although the pictures are color and very good, there's few actual words detailing what to do or what to watch out for during procedures. Just one example: installation of the direct drum piston is fairly difficult to get right the first time for a beginner, as three seals must be seated at once while keeping the piston straight and level as it goes in. And yet nowhere is it even described in words or pictures. Basically it just sums it up as 'install the piston'. Thanks... we can figure that out ourselves, we don't need a book to do it. What WOULD be worth spending money on is tips or tricks to install it, like use a feeler gauge to slip the outside seal in place, or something similar. And so on and so forth. The whole book is pretty much that way. It's lacking in every regard except it's got pretty pictures. Pretty much this is just standard stuff you can either figure out on your own or don't need anyhow. I would say the pictures are very good and somewhat useful, but where's the rest of the book I paid for? Like, actual words? We do still use them, right?
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wheel horse wheelhorse class 3 hitch 2" ball reciever mount only free shipping
Jul 30, 2018
Well built, great value
Well built, perfect fit, easy to install. It would have been hard to make one myself and still beat this price with time and materials involved. Installed in about ten minutes, easy bolt-on. This makes moving trailers and small towable items a lot easier.
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Dakota Digital 128k High Frequency GM Pulse Generator Sender SEN-01-128
Apr 25, 2017
Great product, but confusing description
This works great, and is built quite well. Used this to adapt a 1974 TH400 GM speedometer gear-drive transmission for a 1993 GM electronic speedometer, ABS, and cruise control. I rate it 4 stars because of the testing and wasted time spent when the documentation failed miserably. Documentation is severely lacking so I wrote this review hoping to help out others. The documentation for this sender is very, very confusing. Documentation lists output as 128,000 pulses per mile, but this obviously cannot be correct since it is for transmission tail-shaft output, which can only be pulses per driveshaft revolution. Pulses per mile will vary with tire size and rear axle gearing UNLESS there is an interpretation system programmed for gearing and tire size, which there obviously isn't built into this unit. I understand this unit is made to be used mainly with products from the same manufacturer that are pre-programmed, however for those users who want to adapt an existing transmission to an existing speedometer it may be helpful to know what the sensor actually outputs. Actual output is 40 pulses per DRIVESHAFT REVOLUTION, but no documentation notes this anywhere. I purchased this on a gamble, not knowing whether it was compatible with my application because of the documentation. But it does work directly for early 90's GM speedometers. It is a direct drop-in fit as long as the output first goes through a translation unit like a digital ratio adapter controller (DRAC) that is programmed with the proper axle gearing and tire size, etc.