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At Boxvana?, we use 21st-century materials to build 21st-century homes and structures, and we’re proud to be North America’s exclusive provider of LitePan�.
LitePan� is a high-performance composite that transforms modular building with its lightweight and intense durability. Compared to traditional building materials like wood and steel, LitePan� is lighter, stronger, safer, cheaper, faster, and more efficient. It’s also reusable and recyclable, giving it limitless applications while protecting the environment.
Boxvana's products range from PMRVs, modular homes, plant grow houses, & bitcoin mining shells. Our LitePan� material is also suitable for roofing solutions, interior, and exterior wall insulation, pools, pet homes and so much more.
Get in touch with us if you're interested in our products or wondering if LitePan� can be applied to your project. Our team of modular consultants are ready to assist with any inquiries you have.
Location: United StatesMember since: Sep 21, 2022