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great package!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: simki.melis


This person purposely sent out the dvd

I sent a request to have my order canceled and they purposely sent out the order instead even tho I cancelled the order right away because I didn't want to buy just one season when I could get all them so no one buy from this personRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dealseveryday101


A++++Brand new

This product was brand new and extremely enjoyable I laugh out loud over and over

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dlo49



It was all I expected & more !

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: stlrams1790yk


Two and a Half Men - The Complete First Season

I bought this to give to my husband for Christmas because he's been watching the reruns and new episodes lately and found out he loves the show. (we both work evenings and don't get to watch prime time TV, so had not seen this show before a few months ago) Well, he was thrilled that I bought him the first season since he had never seen any of the episodes before. We are watching them now for the first time and find them hilarious. This was probably the best gift I could have given him and it's given us both a lot of laughs. I recommend this if you like comedy and especially if you are a fan of Charlie Sheen. He's great in this role and the supporting cast is a riot also. The character of Jake, the little boy is hysterical. We both laugh our heads off over Berta, and Alan's character is also good for a lot of laughs. I'm sure I'll be bidding on subsequent seasons in the near future as we will probably want to own the entire series.Read full review...


Awesome show to watch on tv!

This is a great show to watch on tv! I always watch the reruns at night at 7:00 and 7:30. Jon Cryer could have his own show. His character reminds us that we all see things differently in life. Berta, the housekeeper, always has one liners that are blunt and to the point. She steals the scenes in many episodes.Read full review...


So Great at the beginning!

My husband and I decided to buy this set of Two and a Half Men because we thoroughly enjoy the series; we enjoy the beginning of the series more than now because of Jake. Jake is much cuter way back in the beginning than now, as a teenager! We watch the syndications of the show every night and therefore, decided to buy a "season" and see if we liked it. We have never bought a television "season" before.
Although we have only watched it a few times, we are delighted with the DVD Set. We don't have to sit through commercials and we can remember some of the shows, which enhances our enjoyment,as we can watch Alan rather than Charlie, or focus on Berta, rather than the main characters who are often not watched.
Since our enjoyment is so great, perhaps I'll find the Second Season on eBay and give it to my husband for Christmas!
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Two and a Half Men; First Season, Great Comedy

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves this brand of comedy. Two and a Half Men: The complete First Season is a great dvd collection of modern edgy humor. The team of Charlie Sheen as the older brother very successful womanizing commercial ditty composer and Jon Cryer as his divorced, relationship disaster, single parent, up to ears in debt chiropractor is a winning comedic coupling. They bounce from one crazy event to another with the interweaving of all the other characters that make this series so funny : Jon's son, a abusive housekeeper, distant mother, numerous women and one psychotic neighbor. Put it all together and it makes for great viewing. The humor is very adult. I wouldn't recommend it for children unless you watch it first.Read full review...


The Most Wisely Written and Most Watched Comedy Show

Two and a Half Men took so long to be released on DVD, and I don't know why such a long time, as this is the most well succeeded and wisely written comedy shows of the last years. Better late than never, this box set brings a revival of the entire first season along with the typical DVD extras: interviews with cast and crew, set tours and cut scenes.

Anxiously, I hope to see the next aired seasons on DVD soon. There are some countries where the second season is already on sale for a while, so it should take not much longer to see this released everywhere else.
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Two Half Men is a funny and smart Show! Excellent!

Hey! I am so glad this came out on DVD. I bought it the first week it came out! I love this show! It is smart and funny! Charlie is cool because he is so mean and callous to his mom and brother. Alan is funny because...well he is just a nerd that is obsessed with his ex wife. Their mom has so much control over them and strikes fear in their soul! LOL. (At the same time sleeps with every rich man out there!) Overall a great show to watch! The DVD is fine. Can't wait until the next season comes out. I will buy that too!Read full review...

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