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Too Good, Not Good Enough- Twilight is a Toss Up

Before anyone razzes me for liking or disliking the MOVIE Twilight, please read... I had NEVER seen the movie or read the books and I didn't think I was ever going to. I'm nearer to 30 than 20 and I haven't been happy with the quality movies produced in recent years. Twilight showed up on one of our On Demand channels on a weekend when we were bored, so I finally thought why not? The movie has some cons and I will get them out of the way. The story at times does not make the most sense. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE MOVIE BEFORE READING THE BOOKS OR YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE MOVIE!! The confusing parts of the story make MORE sense after reading the book, but it is not worth reading the book first. The make-up in the movie is terrible and obvious. At times the actors are not physically attractive and it may be hard to watch. Parts of the movie are unbearably slow. BUT, her come the PROS!! The love story is what draws you in. Despite the teeny-boppers in the movie, you can't help being drawn in. The music is romantic and strangely enough the bland colors draw you in. You do fall in love with the characters because of the love story. The story line lacks at times, but it leaves you wanting more (hence, don't read the book first). Despite everything I had felt about the movie, I couldn't help watching in four more times that weekend, and on Sunday, I bought the books and started reading. I know that anyone that reads this is probably confused now, but there is a draw to the movie. After reading the book, I watched the movie again and the movie seems even slower. A lot of scenes and actions in the movie made more sense though. I can't even speak to the music- it is eerily appropriate for the movie. I have become completely obsessed and I feel foolish for it, but I really think there is something here. It is definately worth watching. A lot of people are turned off by vampires and werewolves, but they have to keep in mind that there is a wrenching love story here. The men who go along with their wives or girlfriends to watch the movie will probably be disappointed in the lack of action in the mmovie. It is overall a very good movie and I am struggling to to give away anything, so try it. Watch with an open mind. If you are looking for a horror flick, this is not it, but if you want to see first love in the purest, most forgiving and trusting form, do see it!Read full review...


A Vampire Movie for Everyone.

There has not been a shortage for the craving of the general public to watch vampire movies. Twilight is one of those movies that seem to cater to the teenage and female group. I don't think this is a minus for the film, however, it seems very slow in places and makes you wonder why the director went in certain directions at the times he did.

Bella and Edward, the two characters that fall in love, played by Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson, seem to be perfect for one another. This love brings itself forward and forces the characters to try and deal with the fact that Edward is a vampire and lives with a group of vampires. They all seem to get along with the out-cast human until things get a little hairy but the end turns out to resolve all those issues.

I'll have to give this movie a 4/5 regardless, since it does a few interesting spots and is not overtly grotesque.

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TRUE Love Prevails.....

There is always going to be the LOVE IT or HATE IT review. When the books first came out and it was all the rage, I admit it, I rolled my eyes and said ohhhh god. Another vampire saga. Me? I love anything vampires. Movies, books, articles, etc. But after awhile, the plot tends to all be the same. Some have a little more of a twist than others and others just plain suck and I admit I thought this was going to be just that.
Thru a friend of friend of a friend and a simple curiosity of my own, I bought the books. I fell in love instantly. I'm in my 30's, & thought well, this isn't going to be for me, but wow, the characters grew on me and as I said, love at first read. Then I heard there was going to be a movie. OMG! My mouth was watering and I got tickets asap like a crazed lovesick teenager.
The books are way better than the movie of course, but that tends to be the case with most books that are made into movies.
The movie is nonetheless just as good though. I think I've seen it like 25 times and know it by heart. Out of all 3, Twilight is my fav. I wasn't a big fan of Jacob either, but to each their own.
One of the best features that is completely out of the ordinary is the fact that these vampires don't have the typical fangs, there isn't hardly any blood and all the characters fit perfectly for their parts. You can just feel the love between Edward & Bella. Seriously. It doesn't matter if your still in your teens or in your 30s, 40s, or beyond. True love prevails in this movie & years from now, this will become a classic vampire love story. I love the music & half way thru the movie there is some beautiful piano. Its very moving and touching.
There are people I know that would never in a million years rent or buy this movie. Some of my friends have laughed at me. Until....a few weeks later and say Hey, I watched that Twilight movie. I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I rented it but...you know....it was really good. I just smile & walk away.
If your looking for blood & vampire lust & killings & crazed lunatics creeping in the night, this is NOT your movie.
This is quite........a beautiful love story. Enjoy!!
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Features Actors:Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattinson,Billy Burke,Cam Gigandet, Peter Facinelli
Running Time:122 Min.

Based on the popular novel by Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight plays out conveniently in the fog-shrouded rural woodlands of the rainy state of Washington, where local vampires can apparently roam free at all hours of the day since the punishing sun rarely shines. Bella (Kristen Stewart) is a moody teen loner who relocates from Mom's home in Arizona to the town of Forks (a particular implement hardly necessary for undead dining), to live with her police officer divorced dad (Billy Burke).
When Bella shows up for her first day at school, she's instantly and mutually attracted to a strangely handsome boy (Robert Pattinson) in a mad crush at first sight encounter. Edward is part of the peculiar, wild-eyed outcast Cullen clan of matriculated sibling foster kids who occupy a separate nook of the school cafeteria, and seem to be shockingly dating each other. Infatuation soon turns to obsession, and eventually Bella figures out that Edward is a descendant of the undead, something that's a whole lot faster to deduce these days what with the Internet, when one can simply google a vampire to out him.

Hope this helps you decide.A must see for any vampire fan, such as in True Blood, or Moonlight,Underworld and the classic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.This has had mixed reviews from the book VS the movie, so the choice is yours to make if you have already read the book and want to watch it on screen now.Thanks for reading! :)
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Best Romantic Movie in a Long Time!

Do not be fooled by the title. Twilight is not your typical vampire picture.
There's not the traditional blood and gore that one would expect. Instead, you will encounter a sweet love story. There are also so many undertones to the movie. It is about the choices we make. Good and evil. Whether we choose to look at the glass half full or half empty. Trust, friendship and unconditional love. It reminds us that no matter what one may encounter in life, how we choose to live our lives is what defines us. This is what makes us who we are. Who we are is not defined by what we are (or are not), how much money we have or what kind of clothes we wear.

This movie is SO inspirational on many levels. I truly believe this is why the movie is so popular with adults and teens alike. Everyone can relate to the basic core elements of the movie (love, jealousy, trust, insecurities and even humor). The way the characters are portrayed slowly and carefully makes the audience want to care about them and what happens next.

The special effects are great; very realistic. I love the baseball scene and when Edwin takes Bella to his special place.

If you decide to buy this movie, you will not regret it. :)
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This is a nice escape for an hour and a half. The story is good and the acting is fine as well. These are not real well developed characters but how can they be, they're teenagers. I still recommend the movie, it was a nice escape for 90 minutes. I'm interested in following young Mr. Pattinson's career. I think he may have a shot at being a really great actor. He took a one dimensional character and did a very fine job of filling him out to be much more complex than the part was written. Good work and enjoyable to watch.Read full review...


Twilight (DVD, 2009, Limited Retail Exclusive

Great Vampire movie. Wouldn't let any child under 14 watch this movie. I would keep a sharp eye on the children from ages 15 to 22 years.
Everything you thought you knew about vampires from shows like:,"Dark Shadows" and Moonlighting. It's a whole new ball game baby. These vampires are special in all kinds of ways. You don't think no bed to sleep on because you don't sleep is normal? Playing base when there is a full blown storm with major thunder outside, normal? Vampires that cook for people instead of drinking there blood first? How do they stay outside in the sunlight and not die? Then there is the really big one:,"Vampires protecting human's"? Twilight is a movie that is a love story, a touch of horror, and serving: even if your already dead. I try and give you a taste of the movies without giving away the whole movie. All and can say on this movie is.....Run don't walk to the nearest Movie Rental or better yet.....run to your neighborhood and buy your own copy and pray that Nov.20 2009 gets here soon so you can watch the Twilight Saga: New Moon. I believe my 22 yr. old daughter said they are five movies to come out. They were filmed one after another so they could "stay the same age, because Vampires as we all know, never ever age. They will be shown over the next few years. What are you waiting on, go, go get the movie already and don't forget: Enjoy the movieeeeeeeeeeeeeRead full review...


good, but dont expect the book!

I got this movie because i am a twilight addict. However, I think it could have been alot better with just a few changes. They changed to much stuff from the book that they really shouldn't have... BUT that being said it is a good movie. although i did fall asleep the last 2 times i tried to watch it :) It is just a one watch show.
If you havent read the book, you will not get some of the stuff thats going on.
So, read the book first .

also, the "running" scenes were just plain stupid looking! With all the "movie magic" they can do these days, that could have been done better.
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