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Great Movie

Great Love Story.
Entertaining and almost believable..happy ending

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Cute Chick Flick

If you want a light comedy, for an evening of enterainment, this is it. Cute love story that all the family enjoyed. The story line is plausable and interesting. Writing letters to Juliet , of Romeo & Juliet, for love life advice.Read full review...


Letters To Juliet

Very heartwarming. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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Feal Good

This is a pleasing movie you can watch for relaxation. The story is not to deep that you have to concentrate on so just enjoy.

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Great love story!

Lynn Redgrave & Franco Nero are the stars in this movie. Art imitated life, they had the real life experience and are now back together! Brava!

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I really enjoyed the movie without foul language and sex. It was entertaining and a movie I could watch again.

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Vanessa Redgrave & Franco Nero Together Again

In 1967, when Vanessa Redgrave was barely a 30yo, she played the famous leading lady who became the true love of Sir Lancelot (Franco Nero), the handsome knight at King Arthur's round table. Thirty-nine years & son, director Carlo Gabriel Nero, later, Redgrave & Nero were at long last married (in 2006). Although, in the meantime, Redgrave & Nero performed together several times, most notably in "Bella Mafia," they did not perform as lovers.

Now, in this film, Vanessa Redgrave & Franco Nero are at long last reunited. In fact, that is what the film is about!

A younger American woman (Amanda Seyfried) travels to Verona, Italy. She takes a volunteer position responding to letters which ask for advice on romance from Shakespeare's famous character, Juliet.

Vanessa Redgrave's character, Claire, is the older woman who also goes to Verona, after she gets a letter from 'Juliet'. Once there she begins a quest searching for her long lost love of 50 years past: guess who? Franco Nero (Lorenzo).

While Seyfried turns in a fine performance, Redgrave's is so captivating that this show is hers. The on screen chemistry between the real life husband & wife team is romance personified. Not only are they an attractive couple on & off screen, their love has survived the torrents of reality. I hardly know a soul who hasn't been excited about having this opportunity to watch them as on screen lovers again, 43 years after "Camelot."

In one touching scene, Redgrave shows a maternal kind of affection towards the younger Seyfried. It's nearly too much to take in knowing that it's only been a year & a few months since Redgrave's eldest daughter, Natasha Richardson, died suddenly after a skiing accident. Nero had been the man who walked Richardson down the aisle to marry consummate actor, Liam Neeson.

So the sentimentality essential to making this film work is not only expertly well acted, it's also quite real. My copy of the DVD has already arrived. Doubtless, I'll watch it numerous times.

By the way, this is one DVD that IS collectible when in mint condition.

Since original releases are now in DVD format (instead of VHS), this DVD IS the original release format of the film into the public market. Add to that fact, Vanessa Redgrave's 2009 induction to the BAFTA fellowship of Life Achievers in theater & film; that she's an Oscar, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit & GLAAD award winner (at the very least) & everything Redgrave is in now profits from the quality of her performances.

Look next for "Anonymous" for Redgrave to perform in another film with a Shakespearean theme, as well as "Coriolanous," directed by Ralph Fiennes(making his directorial debut!), "Miral," & "The Whistleblower," all 2010-2011 released films~
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Wonderfully relaxing movie - enjoyed!

Originally rented this movie and later purchased our own copy. Thought it would be your average "chic flick", but my husband also enjoyed it very much - real treat to see Vanessa Redgrave in the role she portrayed, and Amanda Seyfried was excellent in this movie after first seeing her in "Mama Mia"! Photography was superbe - all in all, a very relaxing movie!Read full review...


Loved it!!

If you are in the mood for a cute feel good romantic comedy... this is it! It has the perfect cast. Each role is played beautifully. The storyline is pretty common and predictable but with it's own cute quirks. I loved it enough to buy it for my movie collection (which I don't do unless the movie is spectacular or makes me cry). Amazing feel good movie!!Read full review...

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