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Red LG VX8350

I like this phone very much as it is simple, light and effective for making phone calls. It's main drawback, in my view, is it requires a special device from Verizon to update the software, which would allow the saving and retrieval of phone information to the Internet. That device does not seem to be in Verizon stores anymore. The previous red phone was dropped and cracked the casing, but still works, so that is the reason for the replacement.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tech4wireless


I've liked and used this model for about 7 or 8 years

I used and liked this model for about 7 or 8 years, until the hinges broke, then bought this new one. I like it because it is very compact so I can easily carry it in a front pocket, it is inexpensive, and the volume and clarity are good. I am not a heavy cellphone user, I probably only average a few calls a week most of the year. I needed to get my contacts off the old phone (it seems you need a downloadable app but Verizon access to downloadable utilities for this flip phone type has not worked since 2011). I had a lot of contacts I could not easily replace. So I brought the new phone and my old one to a local Verizon sales office to have the contacts transferred. They said they couldn't do that because my old screen was detached and not working. I asked if they would just transfer the electronic guts from the keyboard half of the old phone to the new one; they refused. So, I went home and did it myself. The phone works fine. But, be aware there is no easy way to back up your contacts.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tech4wireless


I love the LG VX8350.....I've love it for 25 years....we'll never part

I have owned the LG VX 8350 phone for the past 25 years. It is a great phone. Oh I've had the RED version and the GRAY version....I can't make up my mind as to which color works best. when I buy a new phone I always email my children and inform them that Dad is getting a NEW phone. They always ask me to send them a picture and they are always surprised to see a brand new color. I am contemplating to purchase more LG VX 8350's so that I'll always be assured to have my favorite phone....at least until the year 2050.
I know that they will start to become the new "hot" phone so I'm going to buy as many as I can......sorry that they will soon be as extinct as unicorns but........ I'm greedy....greed is good.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tech4wireless


It is a great phone

It is a great cell phone for those who want a basic flip phone

with out playing music on it

witch will drain the battery,

with a lots of use the plastic hinge

will ware out, but still love love the cell phoneRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ilovemywife1982


LG VX8350

This phone is just great. I love it. I have been using the same model for 25 years. I switch from the gray to the red then back to the gray. My children were so surprised when I told them I Dad got a NEW phone....they all asked me to send them a picture of it...so I did. Now the old one was gray....and I proudly showed them my new RED version. Boy oh boy were they impressed ! A RED LG VX8350...what a humdinger. I am thinking of buying a few more....just to make sure I'll always have a LG VX8350...at least until 2050....
Although I love the phone and so would you....I'm going to try to corner this market......I need more LG VX8350's....but I wanted to let you know why you will not see them for sale in the future...they will be disbursed throughout the world in my various vault's.
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Verified purchase: No


ebay buy for flip phone

has some scratches but works perfect good value was shipped quickly

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cell1999


Not a smartphone but pretty smart nonetheless

Bought this to replace a lost vx8300. Of course, I found the old one about 6 weeks later but in the meantime had purchased this one. Virtually identical to the 8300 except it doesn't have the protruding antenna. There is a lot on the web about how these two phones are the best ever flip style. I'm no expert on phones but this one works very well. I decided to go ahead and try to access some of the features that I didn't bother with the first go round. So I bought a micro card and put music on it. It also provides additional storage for pics. The camera takes good pictures and the music is fine although it requires an adapter to utilize the headphone jack. I seem to be unable to open the phone without turning the camera on but that is a minor annoyance. It will be the last phone I'll get before a smartphone but the area I live in gets such poor reception it isn't worth the upgrade at this time.Read full review...


Good basic phone; compact size.

I like the compact size of this phone. It is a good basic phone. Photos can be hard to see on the small screen, but I didn't buy it for viewing photos. The photos it takes do look good on a larger screen.

I have one problem, and it's with Verizon, not the phone itself. Verizon no longer supports Backup Assistant on this phone. I was able to transfer all the contacts from my old phone using a Bluetooth connection, but changes to the list will not be backed up at the VZW web site. The old ones will remain and if I purchase a newer phone I should be able to download them to it (but why would I if can transfer the list over Bluetooth again).
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Great Job

Works great

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: gsschro


A Great Little Phone! A real workhorse, easy features and compact

These LG VX8350 flip phones are great little workhorses. My previous one lasted 3+ years of frequent daily use. I was able to get reasonably clear calls and the speaker works well. I like the simple user friendly features, and have become fond of a specific built-in tune as my daily alarm. So, rather than fuss with learning a new phone (and apps...)just replaced with a new one of the same model. My husband's old one is still going strong and his big hands have been mauling it for 3+ years too... may buy another as a replacement waiting in the wings, I already know he likes it and understands how to interface with the features. He doesn't text as often as I do, so that may be why his is still fine after so long. I recommend this phone, it works for us! ~SHERead full review...

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