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guantanomo bay

it was good probably one of the better Harold & Kumar movies

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funny guys................... loved it.

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Great Movie, but falls short

The original Harold and Kumar was amazing. But sad to say the sequal runs up a little short. I would rate this movie a 8.5/10. Their are many great funny parts that make you laugh out loud. Even on the second or third time you watch it through you still laugh.

As some have stated, their are a few disturbing parts, but their minimal and last only a few seconds. NPH makes another apperance with a surprising exit.

After its all said and done, if you liked the first one, this one is reccomended. Just be aware its not as great as the first. If you have netflicks you might as well rent it their and then decide if its worth the money to purchase.

The unrated version is great with many bonus features. Including change the movie. This is a great feature where you can change the events that happen and if they get in more trouble or not.
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Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

I enjoyed the movie. Satire on how some segment of Gov. and culture ring true. opinions may vary but for the most part it works. The only item I would like to have seen was the use of the F word used to often but it was the makeup of the movie so what can you say. You just go with the flow. A comedy, made me laugh and was not to offensive. Some times it takes art to show how life is even though it is right in front of us. I hope it makes us better as a member of the Human species. I decided to buy this because I heard it was a good movie. Thanks.Read full review...


A relief from the political correctness

In a world gone crazy where reality TV humiliates and tears every shred of decency from human beings, both the people taking part and the mindless minions who watch countless hours of reality drivel (funny that these are the people who find films like Harold and Kumar rude, crude and offensive), and countless romantic comedies and boring Diaz and Sandler un-comedic vehicles comes the throwback that is Harold and Kumar. Well acted and well written with every cliché and grossness you can think of and then some thrown in for good measure. No group is spared the relentless assault made me smile from start to end. Watching Neil Patrick Harris as a foul mouthed stoner and the constant stereotyping of everyone from rednecks to terrorists was priceless. Let's lets hope Harold and Kumar still have some more adventures to come.Read full review...


Hilarious sequel - Stoner comedy at its best

This movie definitely made me laugh out loud many times. Most of the comedy is way over the top so for all you serious comedy people you might not enjoy it as much, but for all the people that love crude, over the top humor, and for those who enjoyed Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, you will without a doubt love this movie. It has just as many hilarious and outrageous scenes as White Castle, but Guantanamo Bay is not by any means better or funnier than White Castle. Guantanamo Bay has the same look, feel, and sound as White Castle since the guys who wrote White Castle directed Guantanamo Bay. Overall I would rate both White Castle and Guantanamo Bay 9/10. Sit back and prepare for some laughs.

**THE FUNNIEST PART OF GUANTANAMO BAY HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH GEORGE W. BUSH, its absolutely hilarious and you'll know it when you see it.
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the best sequel ever.

usually when films come out the sequel is crap

with this it was brilliant as enjoyable as the first...

i love the fact theres no political correctness init ATALL!

abit dangerous with this gangster black boy sitting in front of me and my mates at the cinema and the kkk bit came on and
harold said "i once kicked this indian guy in the balls"
and the kkk laugh and 1 sais "send em back to africa!" and i burst out laughing mainly at the stupidness of the red kneck racist and this black boy gave me the dirtiest look ever but MEH! its a comedy lightin up...lol.

10/10 awesome movie

i watched this stoned and sober and both times were good but so much funnier when your high :) lol
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Harold & Kumar Escape With Your Money

'Guantanamo Bay' suffers badly from sequel-itis. While 'White Castle' was funny, GB is just plain horrible. Highlights are: a bloated and over-pancaked Kal Penn, rehashed redneck/hillbilly crap and a predictably psychotic Neil Patrick Harris. Ugh. This is the type of film that makes you happy that at least you didn't pay to see it in a theater, but sad in knowing that you made no effort to steal it off the web. Props, however, to the unicorn. Too bad the whores didn't shoot all of them. Warning: There's supposedly a third installment coming, so guard your wallet.Read full review...


Lowbrow humor at its best

This is NOT a date movie,or one to watch at a family gathering,with grandma.It is however hilarious.I laughed out loud throughout it.The movie begins with gross out "bathroom humor",and picks up steam as it goes along.The hapless duo is put into all kinds of situations- with sadistic prison guards,the KKK,and a whacked out Homeland Security guy-all with outrageously funny results.I won't give away any of the plot,or jokes here-you should see this one yourself.That is -unless you are offended by bad language,nudity,bodily function humor,or drug humor.If that stuff doesn't make you laugh,you won't like this.But if so-called "lowbrow humor" does-buy or rent this one!Read full review...


never again i never got the movie no good at all rip off

never again i never got the movie no good at all rip off.never again i never got the movie no good at all rip off
never again i never got the movie no good at all rip off.never again i never got the movie no good at all rip offnever again i never got the movie no good at all rip offnever again i never got the movie no good at all rip offnever again i never got the movie no good at all rip offnever again i never got the movie no good at all rip offnever again i never got the movie no good at all rip offRead full review...

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