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Good ourchase

Arrived in good time. Seems to be working up to par. Had to charge it a couple of times before the battery would last more than a few hours. Sound is good. I'm very pleased

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: frodo411


Collectors Item 3G 10GB

The new iPods are much more advanced in so many ways, but I will just talk about the simpler aspects. The 3G iPod is more of a collectors item than anything, if you can get one in great condition, I recommend it. It is a great iPod. The control pad is different in that to play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and any menu options are controlled by 4 round buttons above the track wheel. The track wheel only controls up and down movement wile in menu, or searching for a song. The iPod is about the size of a deck of cards very light, however it is only a 10GB. The new Classic is MUCH thinner and holds up to 160GB, even the thinner sleeker iPod Touch holds up to 64GB. The 3G 10GB is not a color screen, therefore you can rule out watching movies/TV shows, or looking at pictures. The 3G 10GB stores only audio. However without the newer advanced technologies, the 3G 10GB works perfect in that it plays audio. Apple has always had great designs, and the 3G 10GB looks very clean with the whit polished front, and the chrome mirror back, down to the 4 control buttons that light up red. If you are a collector of the older Apple products, this is a must. The only downfall to the older generation iPods, is that they are fire wire that require a different charger than the new generation iPods.Read full review...


Todo perfecto.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ambrosesgames


Already forgotten IPOD, but still usable

The ipod 3rd GEN can still do so much im impressed with this inexpensive ipod. It can play music via bluetooth and the battery has a pretty good lifespan of roughly 30 hours of ongoing music play. of course after its been fixed and u need to know what youre doing once u open this piece of lost technology and then hack it. The ipod's size is perfect for carrying in a pocket and My only complaint is that. Other ipods I've owned have simpler buttons and get you to important features easily. Overall, I'd recommend the ipod if you're on a budget and if youre the tech guy type to be carrying this forgotten ipod that still sparks.Read full review...



I have bought about 6 of the 3rd generation ipods, but because i fix them. i actually do like this ipod because i can easily repair it if it breaks which i have only had to do once, but they hold many features that the new ones don't. i actually own a p.c. and a Mac. and if you keep your ipod in Mac format, you will never get a Virus, if you convert it to P.C. be careful, because the minute you load LIMEWIRE or other mp3 files from free sources you can attract nice viruses that will slow it down and cause you to have to scan them or remove the hard drive and have it replaced if you don't know how to wipe it out and restart it. I have bought others because they are cool to work and the fact that the buttons light up in RED trips me out and is kind of cool i have seen through another site where they change the colors of the buttons and that makes them even cooler. The others i have purchased i have given out as gifts with music and reformatted to run with window to trustworthy people that will not burn them, but overall they are great and if and when i run into these ipods on ebay i jump on them as long as the price is affordable. can't beat it to get an IPOD for less then $20.00, plus on another note you can always use the hard drive to store files and data, and you can always find it on your computer once you classify it as data file. Hope this helps anyone wanting to buy one.Read full review...


Half a loaf

Had hoped to get a 'Used - past generation' Ipod for under a hundred bucks.
Figured someone upgrading would be happy for the extra cash, and since I DON'T need mega GB's of space, I would be getting a unit cheaper than a new one that had half the capacity.

Well I indeed got the 10gb Ipod for a good price....looked brand new and came with a number of new accessories that probably cost what I paid fpr the Ipod.
The unit works great, tho it's 'touch' buttons are ultra sensitive and it is almost impossible to use without LOCKING it up so you don't accidentally change songs, volume, etc...not a big problem.

My only quibble- and this seems true of most USED MPG players- regardless of brand- the battery life is well below average.. somewhere between 3-4 hours.
Okay for short needs, but dissaponting for long hauls.

Bottom line....you DO get what you pay for.... I was only willing to dole out a part of what a new unit cost and I got only part of what a new unit provides..

Pay half a loaf and that is what you will get.

But given all that I think it was a good deal overall.
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iPod classic 3rd Generation White

Although this iPod has been surpassed in every feature by the newer, more expensive iPods, it is still a wonderful alternative. It is cheaper, can hold just about as many songs, if not more, than some new models, and has the same great sound quality as any mp3 player to date.Read full review...


Durable design, easy to fix (if you can get it open)

This iPod model is the "third" generation (3G), but it is really the second style change for the iPod (1G and 2G iPods looked almost the same). Apple went all out with the touch-sensitive controls on this one. It is the only iPod model that uses "solid state" (touch sensitive and non-moving) controls for all the controls (five buttons and scroll wheel). Therefore, the front surface has no holes or seams; it is the opposite of the "click wheel" on current iPods. It is also the only iPod with backlit buttons (they glow orange). And Apple introduced the now standard iPod Dock Connector on this model.

This iPod model has some cons. The main one is the battery; it is somewhat weak, even when new. If buying a used 3G iPod, look for one with a new battery. You can also buy a new battery on eBay, and replace it yourself. Most of the replacement batteries have a higher capacity than the original battery. The trickiest thing is opening the iPod. Most replacement batteries come with two plastic tools for prying the iPod open without causing damage to the case. Hint: Start at the top because there are no "snaps" there along that seam. Use one tool to hold it open, and use the other one to work around the edge, releasing the snaps. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it. Once you have it open, be sure to notice the connector for the headphone jack. Disconnect it carefully, before separating the two sides of the case.

Another minor con is the sensitivity of the touch controls. It is so easy to accidentally touch one of the controls. Thankfully, there is a "Hold" switch that disables the controls. It gets used a lot with this iPod.

A note about compatibility:
This iPod model requires a Mac or PC with a FireWire port. All recent Macs have FireWire, but not all PCs have it. You may be able to connect and sync this iPod using a USB dock connector cable, but this iPod model does not recharge over USB (only over FireWire). You can use a special two-ended cable and wall charger (available at the Apple Store) to get around the FireWire requirement. However, if your computer does not have FireWire, you're better off looking for a 4G or later iPod, which were fully compatible with USB.
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It has changed my music life. This is my first ipod, it isn't perfect.

This is my first ipod and apple experiance,I was surprised at how user unfriendly it and itunes are if it was a shirt it would be itchy wool with buttons down the back instead of the front. The ipod, I’m writing this on word and ipod is a misspelling, I bought was sold probably because of the battery life, less than 2 hours. I will say good things about it, it is a marvel it is changing my life musically.Read full review...


A solid performer, but be wary of the hard drives!!!

The third generation iPod is a great unit!! Many accessories, docking station for home stereo use, etc. The kicker with them is the hard drive. It's a 1.8" Toshiba hard drive and they are quirky. Some end up with a stick read arm, some won't read at all, some will read as an external hard drive, but not in the iPod. Some work fine and with that the units are great!!! They are sensitive, though... touch pads, internal hard drives, polish steel cases, and display screens make for a sensitive piece of equipment. They are great for a music data base, but not good for active events like sports. They are heavy enough to jounce around when running, biking, or skateboarding... you'd probably want an iRiver or Creative Labe MuVo for that (both are excellent units). The thing with the iPod is that the output power is strong enough to drive a home stereo, with has a minium required amount of input power through the RCAs... most portable MP3 players just don't have the 'umph' to get good sound without seriously taxing the home theaters amp. The iPod is one of the most powerful internal amps... I think they are 65mW/channel of output power. Either way, it's plenty to drive a home system or inputs on a automotive amp. I have a couple of the 3rd gen iPods and use them in their cradles as a home jukebox, or I pull on to play it in my car. The 10-20 Gig is plenty for thousands of songs... enough to drive you nuts in trying to organize!

The only other concern I can say is when uploading music to the iPod. When you upload a ton of songs at once, some of them tend to have a hard time making it through. Some of them will come through partially blank and it will play silence, but when you go to re-auto-update, the software sees that song as already there in it's entirety. You have to delete the song and reload it... kind of hard to find them all when you've got 2500 songs on your Pod.

All in all, it's one of the best players on the market... even with it's quirks.
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