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Sciphone i9 3g with wifi

The quality of this new model seems to be improved compared to the previous model.
The touch screen became more sensitive and accurate, there is even some kind of multi zoom, just for fun of course. wifi is fast and really finds the spots. the G sensor is much accurate then in previous model. the phone is equipped with 2 cameras, which are still far-far away from being good, but the resolution improved. The OS needs many improvements, it is not easy to install applications on this phone, even java ones that the phone is supposed to be designed for them. For example "Fring"- is impossible to install, at least it was for me. The build in Opera mini is a little bit slow, but looks nice. There is one really annoying thing in all sciphones i had before- it is about 8- there are many build in apps, including media player, that are in Chinese, even if the phone is in English
To summarize: it is not an iPhone, just a nice looking toy, but the price compared to iPhone is also a toys price.
Nice as a gadget, or a present to your kid, but as a real multimedia device it will not do the job.
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I9 Cell Phone

I totally dislike this phone. The look of the phone is ok, however, I find it very heavy. At the moment, I am having a lot of issues with it. The back cover comes off every time I get it out of my case. The phone calls get cut in the middle of the conversation. It has very annoying noise at all times when I can communicate with others. I have not been able to level the volume of either the microphone or the speaker, therefore, people can hardly hear me and I have to keep the phone away from my ear as I have to yell.
It doesn't come with instructions and the only language on the phone's games and features is Chinese, so I can not set them up because I can not read what it says.
I do not recommend this type of phones to anyone at all. Maybe I just got the one with all this issues, but as of right now, I won't get another one of these items ever.
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Cheap price but at what cost?

I bought this phone mainly because I didn't want to pay the big price for the iphone,I didn't really expect much but it wasn't what I expected.Before anyone buys this phone a couple of things to keep in mind first of all though 3g is in the name you do not get 3g coverage.Second this phone does not seperate music by albums or artists music is just lumped together,though you can kind of organize it you still have to scroll through all songs to get to what you want.Third,you cannot play youtube videos directly from youtube.You have to download videos and change the file type on your computer then load it on phone.Fourth and last the batteries that come with this phone stinks they don't even last 8 hours if you make calls or text.I wouldn't tell people not to buy it but just give careful consideration first.Read full review...


Generic I9 - Unlocked - Some problems but OK

The phone is a good copy of the I-Phone, but we had trouble uploading the Sitia -Legacy program to get the internet and SMS to work. Corporate T-Mobile store helped - others would not. The phone has excellent call sound quality and works great, the international aspect of the phone was difficult to work with but I expected it. The clock had to be manually set, which is odd - expected it to do as other phones and set clock from the network. I was pleased to find two batteries provided in the pack, this was a benefit that I did not expect and is needed. The phone is still new and I am learning the odds and ends of how to operate the phone. The manual could be more detailed, it is a bare knuckles edition and leaves a lot of details out.Read full review...


Generic iphone

I like the phone, it is working fine. It is brand new and comes with 2 bateries that also work fine. The instructions manual is missing. I have no experience with iphones, so I really miss the manual. However, I was told since the beginning there is no manual. No need to pay over hundred dollars for an iphone. All features I need are here. I have used the phone one week and works well, looks nice. I hope it lasts for longer. ThanksRead full review...


Generic I9 (Unlocked) Touch Phone 3G

This is a great phone, this phone has a lot of features that the Apple has. It is simply to start-up and to go from app's to app's. I have trasfered all of my data from my previous phone to my touch phone. Everyone that see's it thinks it is an Apple Iphone, I don't say anything different except to my family and close friends. Some of them are planning to go to eBay to try and bid and purchase one. Thanks for the great phone that you're providing on eBay for a lot less than the IPhone with some the same great features.Read full review...


i9 3g

I dislike the number of menu's you have to go through to do anything to send a SMS you have to press 'ok' button and 'SIM1 send'. The switching between text and numbers you also have to through several menus. Not the easiest to use for sending SMS as the display keypad is very small. Good features with the Java applications and 10 different screens (but not customizable). But you get what you pay for as this is the cheap rip off of the iPhone.Read full review...


Generic i9 3g phone

I purchased this because it advertised true multi-purpose functionality without my being tied to a data plan through my cellular phone provider. Some of the functions are harder to get to than on other, similar, phones. On the whole, it does what I really need--but my old cell phone did that too. Kind of neat to have music and photograph storage on the phone--but it would be better if it had a regular headphone outlet.Read full review...


I9 8G Unlocked phone CLONE SMART PHONE is OK in my BOOK

This phone is great! For the money I saved I got a phone that does everything I want and more. Sure there are not too many apps, but there is a website devoted to this phone and there are some great programs and games. This is a great way to save some money and have a great phone that works perfect with 2 differnt sims if you want. My friends don't know that it's a clone and that's fine by me......Read full review...


Sold item cause I dont like it.

I like that it was shipped fast and it did do all the things that it was suppose to do. I dislike the fact that it only worked for a couple of days with my ATT sim card and I could not send picture messages to anyone or recieve them, and after about two weeks no one that called me could hear me talk but I could hear them. So I ended up selling the phone to a friend that has T mobile and it seems to work great for him.Read full review...

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