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5 out of 5

Great movie, one of my favorites

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Gladiator( DVD, 2005, 3-Disc Set, Extended Edition)

What did I love about this classic? Let's see: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Oliver Reed, Djmon Hounsou, Richard Harris. Directed by one of the all-time great Director Ridley Scott, who left no detail out of this production. The Feature Disc has 17 minutes of additional footage. The Documentary Disc Two is 3 hours and 20 minutes long, longer than the Feature itself! The 3rd Disc hasProduction Design and Featurette Galleries, Storyboards, Costume Designs, abandoned sequences. But the movie not only revived the dormant, overexposed sword-and-sandal genre, it raised the standard that will be most difficult, if not impossible, to match in artistic creativity.Read full review...


A+, A Stunning Movie

The added scenes only enhance this amazing motion picture. The Ridley Scott Russell Crowe combination works its magic again, in a moving and, at times, chilling story depicting the life of a gladiator in Ancient Rome. Love, betrayal, and revenge play key roles in the plot, ultimately ending with a show of loyalty and devotion - excellent catharsis for the audience!

A+. If you liked Braveheart, Rome (HBO), or Robin Hood (2010), you will love this movie.
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As real as it gets!

I decided to buy this DVD Special Edition because I only had the VHS. If anyone has not seen this movie, they have missed a great film. I compare movies to ones made in the past and this 'gladiator' type of adventure/subject is the best so far. Simply because it is very real without fancy tricks, silliness or ridiculous situations. Very gritty, tragic but also a good story. I enjoyed all of the parts of the actors as I feel they were all perfect for the roles they portrayed. '300' was good but not realistic like this much classier production. Excellent!Read full review...


One of the Great Films of Our Time.

Gladiator is an epic tale that is just as great as all those "based on true story" films. The extended edition has 17 extra minutes which really adds to an already fantastic film. A great tale of how no matter where he is in society - one man CAN make a difference. Along with some of the greatest battle scenes in all movies, the Extended Edition of Gladiator really is one of the best films I have seen.Read full review...


Gladiator The Extended Series

I absolute this movie, and with the extended version you get to see the making of a gladiator from the point of view of that director. With that note you can see some of the deleted scenes that they didnt put in the original movie. I would advice anybody interested who is into the ancient roman buildings and Roman culture to watch it. I Loved the movie in fact i have 4 different copies myself...
Great movie for adults, but you may want to put the kids to bed before watching.
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Gladiator extended edition

Great movie, follows the traditions of Ben Hur and other epics that Hollywood quit churning out many years ago. The film all ready had a great release but this version is a must due to it's great commentary track with Ridley and Russel Crowe. It also has an absolutely amazing 3.5 hour documentary that covers all aspects of the production. Other great Scott DVD's include extended edition of Black Hawk Down, Kingsom of Heaven, such an improvement over the theatrical cut, Blade Runner and AlienRead full review...


Gladiator on blu ray

I already own the standard definition DVD of this film. I chose to get it on blu ray for two reasons. First, the theatrical versionand director's cut are both included, and second I recently bought a blu ray player, and wanted to see this film in Hi Def. It looks great, I can see things I never noticed before, especially in the opening scene. I also love that scenes were edited back into the extended edition.Read full review...



The extended version of Gladiator is a lot better than the theatrical version. It is more thrilling, exciting, intense and graphic. I enjoyed this version. All the new scenes just added more to the story. This movie is Best Picture material (it won the Oscar for Best Picture). Ebert and Roeper should be ashamed of themselves giving a cinematic classic like this two thumbs down. When they do their work they call "reviews", they should asked themselves, "Am I not merciful?" Someone should asked Ebert & Roeper, "Are you not entertained?" People like me who don't like film critics were entertained by this movie. I can't wait to watch The Lord of the Rings: Special Extended Edition TrilogyRead full review...

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