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Great timing quality and price

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Epic movie.

Epic stupidity. This movie is awesome!

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Fun popcorn movie

Fun parody of the fashion industry, it's a definite hoot!

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My favorite Ben Stiller movie!!!

My favorite part of this VH1 comedy is when Zoolander opens a building for kids who can't read.

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"Good Comedy!"

Ben Stiller directs and stars in this 2001 comedy that also
stars Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and more. A male model
learns he's part of a fashion dictator's plot while competing
with another popular model. Ben is funny as usual and this
dvd has nice picture and sound plus neat extras. Get this
good comedy.
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stupid funny movie it has it's moments to be funny

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Great Spoof of the Modelling Industry

The first time I watched ZOOLANDER, I didn't understand it. Then AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL brought modelling into the public eye. I watched ZOOLANDER again, and the satire was dead-on. My favorite scene: Derek's airhead male-model pals playfully dousing each other with gasoline hoses to the tune of Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." It's all fun and games until somebody lights a match! Later, when Derek opens his own school, his dead pals are immortalized by a huge fountain with water flowing from the bronze gas pumps. David Duchovny is hilarious as a former hand model who keeps his hand encased in a hyperbolic chamber. Owen Wilson steals the show as Derek's rival Hansel, who wins a modelling challenge by removing his underwear without taking off his pants. One of those movies where you notice something new each time you watch it. Definitely one to add to your comedy collection.Read full review...


Hansel... he's so hot right now


Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are hilarious in this male model spoof movie. Hansel... he's so hot right now

If you're one of the people who didn't think this movie would be funny (like me) and have avoided watching it (also like me) do yourself a favor and check this movie out.

It's funny, witty, and the chemistry between Wilson and Stiller is amazing.

Will Ferrel, Jerry Stiller, Billy Zane, and Christine Taylor round out this amazing cast of comedy greats.

Zoolander features some of the best one-liners in a comedy film I've ever heard.

Final Verdict:


Rent or Buy?: This movie belongs in any movie fans collection. Whether you love comedy, Ben Stiller, or movies in general, Zoolander delivers.

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Worst of Ben Stiller

Worst Ben Stiller movie I have ever seen.

I usually like Ben Stiller and I have a good time watching most of his movies but on this case he just didn't make me laugh and honestly I don't really understand why people rate this movie so high. If you like stupidity you may like the movie, if you laugh everytime Jim Carrey (I know he is not in this movie) makes a stupid face you may like this movie.
As some one else said this movie is "stupid, and not even an entertaining form of stupid", I wasted my time and money.
I know it is a comedy but in my opinion it is not funny. There is fine comedy and cheap comedy and to me this is just cheap comedy(sorry Ben if you put years of thought into this movie it just doesn't look like you did).
If you like Ben Stiller rent/buy some other movie.
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